Small Single Mattresses

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What is a Small Single Mattress?

A small single mattress is used when perhaps more space is needed in a bedroom for example in a bedsit, spare bedroom or box room. These mattresses are great as saving space. Small single mattresses are also very popular amongst parents as the mattress size to move their child up to as they graduate from a toddler bed.

The first thing that you should know is the size of a small single mattress and in which situations you need one. Also, because there are many options from which you can choose from it is in your best interest to find out which one is the best for you and your family. on this page, you will discover why a small single mattress is the best option for somebody trying to save space or for a small child as the move from their cot/toddler mattress in to their first bed.

A normal single mattress has the dimensions of 90x190 in the metric system and 3'0"x6'3" in the imperial system. In comparison with it, the small version is narrower, having 75x190 in the metric system and 2'6"x6'3" in the imperial system. As you can see, there is no difference between their length, the only difference being their width. Because of this, the small version is better when the space you have available for a bed is narrower, otherwise, a normal single mattress will be the better choice.


Mattress Brands Available with Better Bed Company

As usual with the Better Bed Company you’ll find that even with the more niche small single mattress that there are lots of mattress types available. They have mattresses available from well known brands such as Bedmaster, Vogue Beds and Aspire and a huge range of mattress types.