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  • Better 1000 Ortho Pocket Mattress
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Better 1000 Ortho Pocket Mattress

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Better 1000 Ortho pocket Mattress

The 1000 pocket spring mattress is ideal for those who suffer from back aches. This spring system keeps your body aligned in the perfect position all through the night. With a medium tension your just right rely on the pocket spring system to do it's job supporting you and your partner individually. 

The fillings keep you comfortable while you sleep. There luxurious and gentle contouring to your body giving you a healthy sleeping surface. The cover is cosy with air vents around the edges of the mattress this is great for ventilation to fillings. 

Coming in a large range of size including double and king size so your spoilt for choice. This mattress comes rolled so it's easy to deal with when delivered leaving you with less stress. Just leave the mattress to expand naturally for a few hours before use. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Jane Bradley
They were the best

great quality double memory foam mattress can't wait to get back in bed

Hi and thank you for your review- Better Bed Company

Karl Stocks
Website is perfect to use

Pleasing to deal with the staff in the shop great service from Better Beds

Hi and thank you for your review- Better Bed Company

Vlad Stotchev
Easy to deal with and helpful

our new king size mattress is a dream

Hi and thank you for your review- Better Bed Company

Dommy Rickys
Great company to but beds and mattresses from

very pleased with this online store would recommend to any one

Hi and thank you for your review- Better Bed Company

Louise Traynor
Top service will be back again I'm sure of it

great service and the mattress is just what we wanted

Hi and thank you for your review- Better Bed Company

Product Sizes
Size  Length Width Depth
Small Single 190cm 75cm 18cm
Single 190cm 90cm 18cm
Small Double 190cm 120cm 18cm
Double  190cm 135cm 18cm
King Size  200cm 150cm 18cm
Product Spec

Brand - Better Bed Company 

Model - Better 1000 Ortho Pocket Mattress

Material - White fillings 

Spring System -  Pocket Springs 

Tension - Medium 

Guarantee - 1 Year

Questions and Answers

Are pocket spring mattresses any good?

Yes pocket spring mattresses are very good quality. This type of mattress is ideal for 2 sleepers as the springs are individually placed into fabric pockets providing the sleeper with a more individual feel. When the user moves the springs will move in every direction with the sleeper. The pocket spring system also helps with the roll together issue you get with standard spring systems. If one sleeper is heavier than the other they will roll together into the middle of the mattress this doesn't happen with quality pocket spring mattresses.  

What does otho mean?

Ortho is a term used in the bed and mattress industry meaning orthopaedic. An  orthopaedic mattress means the spring system supports the sleeper all though out the mattress. You would usually find that an orthopaedic mattress is firmer than the average. There's all types of fillings that can go in to an orthopaedic mattress like natural, latex and memory foam it's all to do with the spring system as to why it's an  orthopaedic mattress.  

Is 1000 pocket springs enough for me if i have a bad back?

With 1000 pocket springs mattresses there's plenty of support. With a 1000 pocket spring mattress in the bed and mattress industry this means there's 1000 pocket inside a 5ft or a king size mattresses. A 1000 pocket spring mattress is about average you can get more and less with different styles. The more pocket springs you have inside a mattress the more support your going to receive as a rule of thumb. 

Yes 1000 pocket spring mattresses are good for sleepers who suffer with back problems. When you move in a certain direction the springs will move with you so this is going to provide more support. With an open coil spring system it's all connected so won't contour to your body as good as pocket spring system mattresses.