A Small Single Mattress And What It Might Add To Your Home

Small Single Mattress

Small Single Mattress

Want the best size for the job at hand then it could well be a Small Single Mattress your looking for. It's just slightly smaller than a single by 15cm and this could bring some benefits to your home and bedroom. 

Small Single Mattress

Have you got that need for space you've been crying out for ? 

Well with a small single mattress at hand this could well be the answer. Your bedroom should be a place that you feel comfortable in and giving that extra space this could well add that comfort you need. Your well-being is an important aspect to think about before making any decision on a home purchase. 

Could a new size of mattress give you options for more furniture ? 

Bed Side Table

Your bedroom should be filled with items that bring happiness to your life and having to make do with furniture because of space problems is a thing of the past now ! You could add that bed side table you have seen online or that stylish wardrobe that looks delightful but just won't fit because it's slightly to big. 

Your children just aren't ready for a single Mattress yet ! 

A Child

Your keen on giving your child a mattress that's a decent size but you don't want to put them straight into a Single size just yet. This could be a time that a Small Single Mattress could play a role. It's a good size for a starter mattress and could well be an option for you to take on board. 

Better Bed Company have a Small Single Mattress Collection you should consider before making any purchase. The choices are there for you and this article was written to provide some insight into what a Small Single Mattress could bring with it. 

Why not take a look at another blog we did on What To Look For In A Small Single Mattress a few weeks back ! 

Small Single Mattress

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