Who Are We?

Who are the Better Bed Company?

The history of the Better Bed Company, based in leafy Frodsham, Cheshire UK is embedded (ahem) in the bed industry than most of our contemporary counterparts. In truth the origins of the Better Bed Company go back over 20 years to when our Founder and Managing Directory, Lee Murray was just 10 years old. Lee practically grew up in a bed shop, his grandparents and father after that owned a bed and furniture store and in the pre-digital age helped the people of Cheshire by beds and mattresses that they needed and always with the best advise and customer service levels.

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Growing Up in a Bed Shop


Lee grew up in a culture that put the customer first and witnessed first hand how developing and delivering a quality bedroom product with great service and bed and mattress pricing that suited the times and the needs of its customers could be rewarding and a great career choice. After all, we all need a bed to sleep in, right? We also want that bed to be comfortable, long lasting and safe. Something that experience has brought the Better Bed Company and therefore the values that we live by.


A Modern Online Bed Store


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Despite the wealth of experience that we have in the Better Bed Company we are a young and ambitious organisation that is looking to the future and not the past. In recent times we have seen so many bed stores fail because they’re offering a stagnant product. Yes, memory foam was all the range 15 years ago but the technologies have developed since then and if you’re still selling the same memory foam mattresses that you were 15 years ago then you’re not doing what’s best by your customers.


The Right Mattress for you and your Health


Here at Better Bed Company we see that as technology advances, memory foam was originally developed in NASA for example, we witness that there are so many more options for all different types of people to get a comfy night’s sleep than just one or two mattress options. In recent year’s therefore, as a nation the UK have become a more health and fitness focused community and we’re beginning to understand how to look after our bodies more than ever as well as realise the importance of the right mattress for you based on all of the styles available at the moment.

Nobody understands this more than the Better Bed Company and you can see our essential mattress guide here


Creating the Perfect Mattress


Currently we are working with inventors and developers to manufacture our own unique to Better Bed Company style of mattress that will help revolutionise sleep and therefore the online beds company market.  We guarantee, that what we develop will be unique, stylish and most importantly an affordable mattress for almost everybody to enjoy so watch this space!


Keeping Your Bed Buying Costs Down


Furnishing a bedroom can be very expensive for some people. Bearing in mind that you will want the right mattress, bed frame and headboard for your bedroom, guest bedrooms and even children’s bedrooms the cost can quickly add up. This is why at Better Bed Company we aim to delivery our products to you at the best possible prices.

We only work with manufacturers of the best ethics and people case values. We bring pour products in at the best possible prices and in all cases we even offer FREE UK delivery on our items to help keep the costs of your bed and mattresses as low as possible.

Our carefully procured range of beds, mattresses, headboard, bed frames and even pillows are all done so with the aim of giving people options. If you need a cheap mattress to fit with your budget then we will have the best priced mattresses for you.

Beds For Sale

At Better Bed Company we provide the best selection of furniture for the bedroom. Buying beds for sale at cheap competitive prices saves you the customer money for extra furnishings. Choose our beds for sale brings advantages like long term benefits and comfort exactly what you want for the home buy. 

With cheap UK deals and free delivery check out the beds on sale on our website. We've not forgotten about the mattresses either with a large selection and different designs to suit all sleepers. Check our reviews and on social to see what our customers think of our service, were sure your going to be impressed.

The Better Bed Company will have the Bed That you Need


We’ve mentioned working to budget but our aim is to have something for everybody in our store and therefore if you want a high quality, luxury bed frame, premium quality mattress or boutique headboard then the choice is there. Our prices are still as competitive as ever on that level also.

So, now you know a little more about us and understand that our range will suit every type of person then browse our online bed store and get in touch with us if you have any questions at all, we are always happy to help.


We Take The Environment Seriously


As a modern, online company Better Bed Company takes its environmental responsibility seriously. When you buy your brand new comfy mattress from us that means you’ve probably got an old mattress to get rid of. On some of our mattresses we’re able to offer a recycling service where we will take away your old mattress. This both saves you time and hassle as well as ensuring that your old mattress goes to good use. If you require any more information on our recycling service then please just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Also, charities will often take away a mattress to take to a new home. We encourage that you look in to this recycling effort for your old mattresses rather than just disposing in a waste centre.