Oak Beds

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Oak Beds brining a certain style to the bedroom and bringing lot's of advantages to this pick. With traditional oak beds, modern oak beds, wooden oak guest beds along with plenty of other options. Adding a long lasting buy to the home comes with a oak bed the nature of the material is durable and easy to clean. Creating certain moods with there textures, grains and patterns that you wouldn't get with others. Make a statement in the bedroom with a large super king size oak bed frame or for a children's bedroom a single oak bed frame could work wonders. 
Our oak beds come in so many designs like shaker or chunky this is going to allow you to make your stamp on the chosen bedroom. Don't over power weigh the size of the bedroom up and choose the right size. Allow other furniture to work with the oak beds you could match with similar colours like beige or brown or go fashionable with grey and white. Look around the bedroom and check ho much light is in the room to start with this will give you an indication as if you want to go with a dark oak bed or light oak bed just something to think about. 
Add some storage to the bedroom with our solid oak ottoman beds or for the kids with have some oak bunk beds that are solid in construction. Check the base options with a sprung base oak bed frame your mattresses are good allowing for moisture control. A solid base might work if your looking for a firm support think about this before you buy. 
The trusted brands that we deal with give you peace of mind like Emporia Beds, Julian Bowen and LPD Furniture to name a few. You get at least a 1 year guarantee so you knw your covered in this department. Free delivery is a standard and also cheap prices keeping your money in the pocket for other furniture buys in the home.
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