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Small Double Mattresses Guide


Get the most out of your bedroom space with a small double mattress

Double beds aren’t just for the master bedroom. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have all the luxury and comfort of a double bed even in a guest room if perhaps your spare bedroom is a little on the smaller side. There are things you can do to make a small room feel and look bigger. Investing in a small double mattress is a great option and we have put together a guide to furnishing a smaller room below.

Choosing a Bed size for a smaller bedroom

There are several factors that will determine how big a bed you can squeeze into a small room, Our mattress buying guide more then helpful with letting me choose but if you’re thinking about investing in a bed for your home and are unsure where to begin when selecting a bed size.

  • The size of the people using the bed – some are only six foot long so if you’re taller then you may need a special sized bed
  • The space available – taking in to account space needed near doors and wardrobes etc.
  • The amount of furniture in the room


How tall are you and your partner?

Firstly, if your bed is 6ft long and you or your partner is 6ft 1” then you instantly come up against a problem and you may need a specialist bed size that will suit a tall person in a small room. A bed that’s too short for somebody will not be comfortable and you’d probably want to replace it pretty soon.

Space to move around the bed

When you’re measuring you’ll need to take into account not just the space the bed will take up, but how much ‘moving around’ room you have as well. The more room you have, the bigger the room will feel. You’ll also need to make sure there’s enough clearance for doors and drawers to open.

Try not to have clutter around the bedroom

This may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to declutter your bedroom and move out some more bulky furniture and replace it with more suited items of bedroom furniture. Choose a few key pieces that work in a small space, such as side tables available at the Better Store. When looking to increase storage space we recommend picking a divan style small double bed and you’re also opening up some smart storage solutions too (more about those in a minute).

Layout and room design

Think about the room layout. If you pick a bed that’s too big then you may not give room for people to go out on each side or have enough room to walk around the bed comfortably. Once again this is where the small double bed comes in as a great option.

Getting the bed through the door

If your room is small, there’s a possibility that you may not get a larger mattress such as a king size mattress through your door. Before purchasing always make sure that you know the mattress will fit. Check the sizing and measure up first.

Try to make your room feel bigger

There are lots of tricks that you can use to make a room feel a little bigger. Guests can see that they have a double bed (in this case a small double bed) and as long as you furnish the room correctly there can still be a feeling of space. Try decorating with bright colours and use mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

Also, go for fitter blinds rather than hanging curtains that will intrude on your floor space and make the room feel more cluttered.

Bed Storage

Smaller bedrooms can feel cluttered really easily, an overnight bag and a few other bits can take away from your perfectly planned guest room. A neat trick it to use a storage bed. The Better Bed Company have an excellent range of Ottoman beds that are available in the small double size that you can use to store extra baggage and items and keep the room spacious and tidy.