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  • Better Easy Memory Mattress
  • Better Easy Memory Mattress
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Better Easy Memory Mattress

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This mattress would bring you comfort and luxury ideal for you and your partners sleeping surface. With a memory foam layer on top that's going to contour to both of your bodies. Underneath there is a layer of reflex foam the ideal foundation as it supports the memory foam helping the material do it's job.

The memory foam is a heat sensitive material that's going to react to you as you lay. As it reacts to the heat it will contour and mould you in to the correct alignment for healthy position all through the night.

The cover is hypo-allergenic this is perfect for asthma sufferers as it reduces the symptoms. It also helps with other allergies if you have complications in this area or just sometimes find it hard to breath during sleep this mattress would suit you. 

Another advantage to this memory foam mattress is that it comes rolled up. This could make your life so much easier when delivered.
Product Sizes
Sizes  Small Single (2'6'' x 6'3'') Single (3' x 6'3'') Double (4' x 6'3'') Double (4'6'' x 6'3'') King Size (5' x 6'6'')
Width 75cm 90cm 120cm 135cm 150cm
Length  190cm 190cm 190cm 190cm 200cm

mattress Depth

15cm 15cm 15cm 15cm 15cm
Product Spec

Brand - Better Bed Company 

Model -  Easy Memory Foam 

Guarantee - 1 Year   

Material -  Memory Foam and Reflex Foam

Spring Unit - No Springs 

Tension - Medium

What's Included - Mattress

Questions and Answers

Is this mattress any good?

This mattress is a good quality roll up mattress made using memory foam and reflex foam. Memory foam is going to contour to the users body this helps position the users into a healthy posture during sleep. The reflex foam underneath is a supportive layer in a traditional mattress the manufacturer would add springs. 

The depth of the mattress is perfect for looks, it's not going to intrude headboards or foot ends. There's a luxury cover that's for the long term add provides a soft finish to the mattress. The hypo-allergenic properties of the cover are perfect for people who suffer from allergies like asthma or sleepers who fins it hard to breathe while sleeping.  Add this mattress to all types of bases like solid or slatted the reflex foam should be sat on the base. 

Can you buy the easy memory in a super king size?

The easy memory foam isn't supplied in a super king size at the moment but we are considering making one in the future. It is how ever made in non standard sizes like small single and small double this is perfect for when you have tight spaces where a standard size is struggling to fit in. 

Better Bed Company have other mattresses in the collection that would be suitable if your searching for a super king size mattress like - Better Touch memory foam mattress this is the same type of quality. Make sure to check your base size before buying any mattress for a super king size this should be 180cm in width and 200cm in length. 

Should i buy a mattress protector with the Easy Memory Mattress?

We would always recommend buying a new mattress protector with every mattress you ever purchase. This will improve the life-span and keep the surface clean. Always buy the same size as the mattress and check the depth as you would want the protector to fit around the sides. There's all types of finishes to a mattress protector like cotton, terry towelling (water proof) and micro fibre to name just a few.