Gaming Beds

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Gaming Beds 

Gaming beds are ideal for when you want more space for all your gaming accessories, this is a gamers dream. Making the most of the space inside the beds area but also the rest of the room. It's a must these days that gamers are comfortable and there areas suitable to get the most out of the situation. 

Sleeping comfortably is something Better Bed Company never forgot providing you with the best surface possible. Your definitely going to need rest to get ahead in the games world to reach your targets. 

There's different situations your going to need a new gaming bed so we've added some desks for laptops and some for just pure gaming. There's some times a need for PC setups for school and homework you can change this style and set up as and when.  

Let the games begin with Better Bed Company Now !  

What age is suitable for a gaming bed?

At Better Bed Company our gaming beds all come with ladders so accessibility and safety requirements would suggest that a child over the age of 6 years of age is the best minimum age for a gaming bed.

Is there space in a gaming bed for a computer or PC Screen?

Yes, our gaming beds have space for monitors and screens to aid your gaming needs. Our collection often displays this in the images provided for each product. There is plenty of space to enhance your gaming experience!