Medium Mattresses

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Kayflex Ecoflex 20cm Reflex Foam


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Medium Mattresses the most common tension for your sleeping surface and cold make sense if you unsure. The medium mattress is perfect for supporting your body and is going to provide a comfortable area for you and your partner. Suitable for all the family and if you share the mattress with your partner the medium mattress is going to give you the best of both worlds. 
Our medium mattress range is suitable for most bed bases so for instance if you have a bed frame or an ottoman bed you won't go far wrong with this buy. Check your base style is it sprung or solid this will effect the tension of the mattress. The more springs a mattress has usually the more firm it ill become but don't be put off by this as this will bring a more supportive mattress also. 
Better Bed Company only deal with quality brands such as Sleepshaper, Bedmaster and Visco Therapy all experts in the field. Getting our products to the customer fast and efficient is easy when we all work together and this leads to a better experience for the shopper. Knowing your dealing with the best can give you peace of mind and a stress free life.
The way a mattress is manufactured and designed will provide the out come to what tension it becomes. The thicker the spring the firmer the mattress in a foam mattress when they produce the material they surfactants and this lowers it's tension. 
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