Mattress Buying Guide

What is the right mattress for you ? is a question you should ask your self before even looking at any out there. We at Better Bed Company have come up with some advice that you  might want to consider.



What’s inside ?

There are few different types of Spring unit's out there.


The most popular being Bonnell system also known as open coil. This is were the springs are all connected together and comes in a cage. The Bonnell Spring unit will move together as you lie on it.

Pocket Spring

The springs are all added to pockets were they are nested together and sawn to keep it that way. Mattresses are usually named by the amount of pocket spring’s inside. The rule of thumb is that the more there are the better the support.

There is more care when making a pocket spring mattress so the price is higher as well. It’s a sign of a good mattress when these are present.

It’s better for your partner as well because the spring’s are individual so when you move they won’t or that’s the gist of it.

The fillings are the part that give you the comfort.

Natural fillings like wool cotton silk are the most popular. These are all good for temperature control. Cashmere is found in a lot of mattresses as well this is a very luxurious material. All these fillings give good support and will stand the test of time.


Memory Foam is a man made product. It was invented by Nasa for the astronauts while in space. It’s heat sensitive so it reacts with your body heat and then mold’s it’s self to you. If your after a very supportive mattress then this is an option. Reflex Foam is used in most Memory Foam mattress as a base layer as it needs a structure to sit on as it’s too soft on it’s own. Reflex Foam can also be used as a filling on it’s own, it’s usually a firm one.




Latex is a natural material from the sap of trees. It can be used on it’s own or have a base layer with it. It’s known to be expensive but if your looking for luxury then no expense should be spared. It’s good at relieving pressure points and come’s in different tensions.




The finish of a Mattress.


The covering fabric is very important as this is what you feel on your skin. You have a quilted option that is very soft. The Damask finish is very tough. Then there is a stitchbond that is usually used on a cheaper or child’s mattress.




Tufted Mattress

When a mattress is tufted it is an indication of high standard. Usually this procedure is performed by craftsmen. The tufts are added to keep the fillings in place and tighten them to add more support.




A different Style Mattress ?

Pillow top mattresses are known to be very comfy. The pillow is placed on top of the mattress and fillings placed inside. I would say that they are usually a softer feel. You don’t have to rotate this one so that’s a plus just rotate to liven the fillings every so often. Every Mattress should come with it’s own guide so just follow the instructions as to how to care for it and stick to them as that's as important as anything.





Orthopaedic Mattresses

These are usually a firm feel anything with ortho in the name suggests this. The metal in the springs are usually thicker rather than thinner this gives them a firmer tension. A lot of people like a firm mattress so if you do look out for the name but clarify this with the manufacturer.