Adjustable Beds Mattresses And Why You Would Benefit From Your Purchase

Adjustable Beds Mattresses And Why You Would Benefit From Your Purchase

Better Bed Company have come up with a range of Adjustable Bed Mattresses. Sometimes we just want a change and a fresh approach. The main reason we would want a certain adjustable beds mattress is to add comfort and support. We know in order to get a healthy sleep we need the best surface to reach our goal. With a host of different mattress options ranging from pocket spring to latex adjustable's we cater to all. 

Who Would Benefit From A New Adjustable Bed Mattress

Well it's about our life style and improving the way we lead this. If you have back aches and pains and you have an adjustable bed then you would want to look at different reasons why this is happening. You should see your doctor as well they could give you advice. There are chiropractors that could suggest ways of improving the reasons behind your pain too. So anyone who is suffering with back aches could really look at purchasing a new adjustable beds mattress

If you purchased an adjustable bed over eight years ago then now is the time to look for a change in mattress. With all the use over the past years and also for hygiene its important that you at least start looking. 

Types Of Adjustable Beds Mattresses

Pocket Spring Adjustable Beds Mattress

If your looking for a supportive mattress then a pocket spring would be a great place to start. This type of Adjustable Beds Mattress has springs nested into individual pockets that work in conjunction with one another. They will work independently with one another this gives a better support. The more pocket springs you have the more support you will get. Its good for your partner as well because when you move they shouldn't feel the movement because of the springs being independent with one another. 

Memory Foam Adjustable Beds Mattress

Memory foam is all about contouring to your body. This material reacts with your body heat and moulds to you keeping your body in the right position during your sleep. It's about relieving pressure points on your body and memory foam does this the best. With memory foam you will find it needs a foundation and this can come from reflex foam or pocket springs. 

Reflex Foam Adjustable Beds Mattresses

If you want a firm feel then you should look at a reflex foam model. It's a cheap material so the cost will be a benefit to you too. 

Latex Adjustable Beds Mattresses

With latex it's a natural material so it will add health benefits too. Its similar to memory foam and comes from the sap of trees. A latex adjustable mattress will give you comfort and support your body at the same time. 

Hypo allergenic fillings Adjustable Beds Mattress

This type of mattress is good for any allergy sufferers out there. This mattress will prevent dust mites and other bed bugs form penetrating the mattress. 

Adjustable Beds Mattresses From Better Bed Company

Memory Matt Adjustable Bed Mattress

Memory Matt Adjustable Bed Mattress-Better Bed Company

The memory foam and pocket springs combination is great for anyone looking for a supportive and contouring mattress. With 800 pocket springs this model will work with your adjustable bed when you maneuver in different directions.

Hill Adjustable Bed Mattress

ill Adjustable Bed Mattress-Better Bed Company

Featuring wool and polyester fillings this adjustable mattress is good at temperature control as wool will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The polyester filling can be soft or firm with a range of different tensions. This gives benefits in it's cost too as its less expensive than other filling on the market. The 800 pocket springs in this mattress will give good support.

Latex Medi Adjustable Bed Mattress

Latex Medi Adjustable Bed Mattress-Better Bed Company

With a multi zone latex construction this adjustable bed mattress will give you support in the places you need it most. The latex is Talalay so its breathable and cool. The climate cool fabric is designed to bring moister away from the skin in the same way as some apparel manufactures use in the sports industry. This adjustable beds mattress is for any one looking for a comfortable nights sleep. 


Adjustable Beds Mattresses And Why You Would Benefit From Your Purchase

At Better Bed Company we take our customer care to the next level with our expert knowledge and support that's always a phone call away. We strive to look out for not just our beds - we strive to look out for you.