Bedmaster Beds And Mattresses | Part 4

Bedmaster Beds And Mattresses | Part 4-Better Bed Company

We look for trust in brands first as with Better Bed Company we want to give the consumers the service they deserve. We deal with Bedmaster Beds because they have the same values as we do ! the priority will always be putting the customer first in every situation. We recently added some Bedmaster children's Beds online knowing that we can trust them is a sigh of relief. With a British Safety certificate as a standard on all Bedmaster Bunks they pride them selves on offering child friendly products at low competitive prices. 

Bedmaster Bunk Beds

With so many in there collection from pine bunk beds to some very useful in home three sleepers. They know how important children are and getting them the correct item of furniture is paramount to Bedmaster and our selves.

The Triple sleeper Bedmaster bunks are a must for any growing family. They give you the opportunity to give your child room to grow with a small double under bed bunk. This could also be a place your children's friends could stay the night which gives a better social life. 

The Bedmaster Bunk Beds have a stylish contemporary design to them. This is useful if your looking for a neutral piece of furniture to go with existing children's bedroom furniture. There's also a safety aspect with the bunks giving your child a guard rail on the top keeping them safe during the night. The ladder is a well built and sturdy construction as Bedmaster know it's going to get some wear and tear over the years. 

Bedmaster Ottoman Bed 

The Bedmaster francis could be used by Children or Teenagers giving them a place to store there valuables. This style of bed is a great space saver and could come in handy over the years giving it a multiple use furniture label. 

Bedmaster Francis Ottoman Single BedBedmaster Francis Ottoman Single Bed

The colour would match most bedroom furniture sets and the style is modern and contemporary. With a shaker style ottoman bed you know there friends will be jealous with this one ! 

Take a look at the product for more information

Here - Bedmaster Francis Ottoman Bed

Bedmaster Mento Children's Bed

Bedmaster Mento Children's Bed-Better Bed Company Bedamaster Mento Childrens Bed

This Tree House style design is a 2019 type of children's bed. This style will transform your kids bedroom giving them some were to play and educate them selves. The garden is brought into the bedroom so there is no boundaries as to what you could add to room in the future. With solid slats giving a great foundation keeping you child in the correct position during sleep is provided with this Bedmaster child's bed 

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Better Bed Company feel proud to have a company like Bedmaster on our site and want to advise our customers on this brand. We will carry on the series in the next week or so providing the consumers and readers on everything mattresses and beds from Bedmaster. 

Bedmaster Beds And Mattresses | Part 4-Better Bed Company

At Better Bed Company we take our customer care to the next level with our expert knowledge and support that's always a phone call away. We strive to look out for not just our beds - we strive to look out for you.