Best Grey Bedside Tables For Hotel Rooms

Best Grey Bedside Tables For Hotel Rooms

Investing in new bedroom furniture for your hotel has to be right at the top of list if your thinking about refreshing your customer base. Thinking about different types of bedside tables could give you a head start on your competitors. 

Once you've researched different styles of bedside cabinets your going to understand just how much little details could make all the difference to your visitors experiences. 

There's certain situations where draws might work and how you may want to incorporate shelving space. For instance if the rooms designed for one person there only going to need small décor for a double bedroom you may want to think about larger chests. 

Take a look at some of our best grey bedside tables for Hotels, keep scrolling for more.... 

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Think about creating an inviting vibe that's welcoming like a home. With a bed and breakfast set up there only there for a short stay so maybe go small and not over powering. Opt for a 2 drawer pair ideal for 2 sleepers add more wardrobes and chest of drawers this could bring lot's more storage space. 

Size Of Grey Bedside Tables 

Thinking about other bedroom furniture is a must this helps create a theme in the space. Grey Bedside tables don't have to take up much space but need to be a worth while inclusion. Order the room and add accessories to make things up like storage ottomans and window seats this could kill 2 birds with one stone. 

The depth and dimensions need to work in with the bed and divan base. If you go for drawers think about 2 + 2 continental bed bases this will help your guests access the draws with out moving the bedside tables. If you have small bedrooms depths and heights can help make rooms feel more specious and presentable.   

Light Or Dark Grey Colours? 

Colours are so important to create the best atmosphere for your customers. Think about windows and natural light in the bedroom. If there's lots of space you may get away with dark grey bedside tables they won't effect thing to much but could compliment other furniture. Light grey bedside tables might work with fabric beds with the colour being neutral and working with almost any other shade. 

If your searching for a modern bedroom theme then grey could be just the answer. Traditional vibes might be better suited to wooden oak or pine this would bring a country side feel to the bedroom. 

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Space For Lamps And Ornaments 

Opt for large spaces to supply sleepers with lamp space and some where to rest there books. It's important to add colours and fragrances to the bedroom this can be done with pictures and flower vases. Providing draws would give your customers enough space for storage this leaves the top surface for exciting accessories. 

If you go for small grey bedside tables make this up with large sideboards and chest of drawers. Dress the other furniture with lamps and decoratives for a stylish effect.  

Best Grey Bedside Tables For Hotel Rooms

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