Choosing The Right Bed Frames With Style And Comfort Both Being Important Features

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Better Bed Company have come up with some guide lines for you when coming to choose the right Bed Frames fit for purpose. You want to add style to your home with a comfort being a priority too. With bed frames the style comes in different ways it could be the headboard or maybe the side rails could be the feature that stands out. The colours or the grain of the material that's used to build this item of furniture. 

The Foundations Of the Right Bed Frame For The Right Person.

The slats are an important part of the bed when it comes to comfort. There are styles you can choose from that could help your mattress through the years so you get the most out of your purchase. 

The first ones would be solid slats. These would make for a firm feel and be a solid foundation for your mattresses. They are usually screwed into the side rails so they stay in the correct place while you sleep. 

The second would be the sprung slats. These will give your mattresses a softer feel and work with giving extra life span to your sleeping surface. The sprung slats are usually inserted into plastic caps that are attached to the side rails. 

With both solid and sprung slats on anything over a single / 3ft bed frame you would have a center rail. This gives you a place to attach the slats in the middle of the bed. With solid slats again you would probably screw into the center rail and with sprung they are usually attached using plastic caps that are fasted to a metal center rail. 

The rail in the middle should come with center leg this is for support. Sometimes you have one depending on the style of the bed frame you might get two. The middle support should be attached at the foot end and also the head board end. If you follow the instructions given by reputable manufacturers the guide will tell you how to construct the bed frame in the right manner. 

Some bed frames have a base inside the frame it's self these usually come solid. You would just make the base then add it inside the frame. It should stay in place as there would be no were for it to move as long as the height was correct for the purpose. 

Every style addressed should give you comfort in there own way take note of what gives you firm feel and what gives a soft. 

Styles You Could Look At When Choosing The Right Bed Frames For Your Home

With a great deal of choice when it comes to styles of bed frames we thought we would break it down for you 

Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

You could look at all types of wooden materials including pine, oak, mdf, beech and so on. With a wooden shaker style bed frames and sleigh designed being just a couple of styles you could choose from. 

Metal Bed Frames

Metal Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

With metal bed frames this could be an a good choice if your looking for a hard wearing bed frame. You have a few colours you could choose from. On some they have details you can add like crystal effects that attach to the head and foot end. 

Leather Bed Frames

Leather Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

A very popular material to go with. These could add that style you've been looking for. Leather is a good material to clean so any spillages could be wiped away with ease. On most leather bed frames you would get some padding so this could be useful when reading a book or watching TV. 

Fabric Bed Frames

Fabric Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

These are ideal when you want to add some colour to the bedroom. With shades and textures to choose from your spoilt for choice. The headboards on a fabric beds gives the manufacturers and designers an opportunity to put there stamp on this item of furniture 

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Bed Frame For Bed Frames Blog

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