Colour options for bedrooms

Colour options for bedrooms-Better Bed Company
Gain Colours from Ottoman Beds such as Kaydian stoarge Ottoman Beds. With a selection of colours providing the online shopper with benefits for your mattresses and Home. The grey modern shade gives a contemporary theme to the bedroom. We also deal with Julian Bowen who have some colourful children's beds 


With so many textures patterns and options for colour

How can we get it just right ?

With style being your main goal and something you want to live with every day it's game on.

The challenge ahead should become easy when you get the basic fundamentals of colour schemes in your head. 

Pattern Fabric-Better Bed Company

You would want to concentrate on what you have already at your in your home and if that is working well for you. 

When you look at your doors and carpets you want something that works: Colour

When the curtains are added and the walls are painted the next step would be furniture and beds. You want to capture your best features first and headboards are an eye catching. 

When you become brave sometimes you use your imagination and this can lead to great paths. 

With features of wood this can be a contemporary feeling. The shaker style can add to your decore style with oak finishes this could contribute to the decore of your dreams. 

Shaker Style Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

using shadows in colouring some fabrics can add a certain mood to your bedroom. 

Finding colour schemes

If we look on instagram and pinterest it can become easy to see what celebrities are using in there home and the way of the world. Social can bring things to life and make them common knowledge. 

Magazines are great for inspiration with bringing the next new style by experts choices. They will do there homework and spend time on there glossy spreads to save you doing the digging. 

Friends and family could be the option at your disposal to get ideas it's a door that should be opened if the opportunity arises 

Just imagine your bedroom as a place for comfort and warmth. You can add furniture as you go and also pictures can bring new colours to the room as well. 


Better Bed Company have a some Fabric Beds that could add that colour scheme you've been looking for ! 

Ash Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

Fabric Beds Collection 

Colour options for bedrooms-Better Bed Company

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