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Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

Double Mattress

Better Bed Company have come up for a series for consumer discussing the Double Mattress analysing this size mattress. We want to inform the UK public of what this mattress size is all about going in depth over what it could do for you over the series. We discussed the size guide in the last Blog giving you advise on what the measurements are for a double mattress as we understand some times going through all these sizes of mattresses can become confusing. Today we want to talk about the inside of the double mattress.

We start first with the construction.

Construction Of A Double Mattress 

When you go to buy any item you want to know what's inside especially in a mattress because you can't actually see the materials. It's similar to a Divan Bed Base all you really have to go off is what's on the label. This is were really you want to deal with reputable brands companies who you know you can trust. The Mattress industry is full of this type of company so don't worry and with Better Bed Company your in safe hands as we only deal with the best. The label can usually be found on the top of the mattress near where you would place your feet. Sometime when you can rotate the double mattress it's on both sides giving the user easy access to to the information. 

The first thing we wanted to discuss is the springs 

Springs In Side A Double Mattress

These are very important in side a double mattress it's the part that will give you support. If you get this buy correct it could add benefits to your health, it's going to last longer and also benefit your partner. There's choice in the style of springs you can purchase with pocket springs and open coil (bonnell) being the most common on the UK market. Both have there places and both add a certain quality to the mattress. With both spring systems there's price differences as the manufacturing process changes from one to another. There good in certain situations so both bring different advantages to the home.

The Open Coil System Inside A Double Mattress  

Open Coil Spring System-Better Bed Company

We start first with the cheaper of the two. This spring system is coils of springs inside a cage unit all connected together. The springs give a good amount of support and should really be bought in a medium tension at the very least. The coils of metal should be connected close together giving support to the user and then around the edges of the system should be framed using metal giving a cage look. This helps the end user use the full width of the mattress and also helps with corrosion to the edges and roll off movement from the user. You can find this style usually in a soft, medium or firm tension this is usually down to how thick the coiled spring is. The thicker the spring coil the firmer the tension. 

The Pocket Spring System Inside A Double Mattress

Pocket Springs-Better Bed Company

The best spring system in the world today giving the user the best support one can buy in the spring system game. The springs are individually nested in to pockets of cloth connected together with usually string material. There's different counts of pocket springs usually more is better and in the industry they guide the amount on king Size 5ft model in reference to how many pocket springs are inside that particular mattress. This style is known for the support it gives to the user keeping them in the correct alignment and relieving pressure points on the body. It's for sure a healthy option and one you should be considering when in the market for a double mattress. 

Fillings Inside A Double Mattress 

With a range of materials that can be added inside a double mattress each have there advantages. You can find a range of foams that can add support and a contouring nature then you ca find natural materials like wool and cotton these can add luxury and comfort as well. These can be placed on top and underneath spring systems or the full mattress can consist of the materials like memory foam and reflex foam mattresses. 

Memory Foam Inside A Double Mattress 

Memory Foam-Better Bed Company

With this materials you have to add it to another as it won't support your body on its own. It needs a partner to perform properly. You can find it with springs or reflex foam usually these give the perfect foundation letting it perform to the best of its abilities. Memory foam is a contouring material that reacts to heat keeping your spine in the correct alignment during sleep. It relives pressure points on the body helping blood to flow during rest. It can be manufactured in different density's the higher the better as the higher the density the more life span and quality of product. 

Reflex Foam Inside A Double Mattress

This material has a firm supportive nature and can be used on it's own or partner up with another as a foundation. The reflex foam has more of bounce to its feel less contouring to memory foam. The advantage to this material is it's cheap so if money and budget play a part in your selection this could be one to consider. Most children's foam mattresses consist of this materials because of the price and also the quality support it provides. 

Wool Inside A Double Mattress 

Wool Material-Better Bed Company

Your getting a comfortable luxury material giving more than one advantage to the end user. It's very popular in the beds and mattress industry because of the comfort levels it provides as well as its heat regulation properties. Wool keeps the sleeper warm in the winter and then in the summer it keeps you cool. It's a great edition to the mattress and can usually be found with other natural materials. 

Latex Inside A Double Mattress 

Latex Sap In Tree-Better Bed Company

The natural aspect of latex is a big selling point to consumers. The material comes from the sap of trees then manufactured into foam using a chemical process. It's usually found in high end mattresses being the best foam on the market today. Its contours to your body straight away giving a supportive and bounce feel. There's nothing else like it on the market and has a quality of it's own. Usually once someone buys a latex mattress and is happy with it they only ever buy that style. You can purchase a latex mattress in a range of tensions form firm to soft this gives consumers options another advantage. It can be found with springs or on it's own as one double mattress size cut. 

These are just the basics of whats inside the double mattress we will go more in depth during the series ! 

Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

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