Double Memory Foam Mattress With A Pink Bed

Double Memory Foam Mattress With A Pink Bed-Better Bed Company

If your just starting Uni and your struggling for some inspo your furniture could do just the trick. Going for a pink bed with a double memory foam mattress is going to add comfort and fashion to the halls. Forget the wardrobes and grey bed side tables for now think about making a girls statement in the bedroom. 

Adding that pink ottoman bed with a modern headboard is starting the whole decor style off with a bang. As long as you plan wisely and get a cheap online price your going to have plenty of money for the rest of the furniture. 

Double Pink Bed Frames For The Girls 

We've rounded up so of are best choices and added some double memory foam mattresses that could work well keeping you cozy. Think fabrics and upholstery and go big with the depth you only live once !

Pink Double Ottoman Beds 

This will get your friends talking with a double pink ottoman bed luxury and style is never far away. You get the storage underneath for all your clothes and books to be stashed for when you need them. Go straight lines or a diamond effect it's all about being a queen at University. Add patterned rug on the floor so your comfy when you wake and some comfy pillows while your watching your Netflix and chill. Team these up with a white desk and some narrow book shelves keeping your self organised. 

Pink Double Ottoman Bed

Double Memory Foam Mattress For Support 

Keeping your body in the right position is easy with a double memory foam mattress just add the springs to combination. Your going to find the pocket option best individually supportive and comfy as anything out there for the shopper. Add waterproof mattress protector as you don't want your pizza and subway on your new sleeping surface. Team these up with a oak side board and a chest of draws this will give the chance to add your character to the room. 

Double pocket spring and memory foam mattress

Double Pink Bed Frame In A Fabric Finish 

Giving your bedroom the double pink fabric bed frame is fashionable and this is going to go with everything. If it has a low footboard you can stretch out with your friends while doing your home work with a length of 190cm your as good as gold. Add some two tone bedroom furniture this is vibrant and would work well as a multi storage solution with draws and doors combinations. Team up with double memory foam mattress topper that you can pull out when you want to get snug or keep as student guest bed after that bottle of wine with your mates. 

Double Pink Bed Frame

Double Memory Foam Mattress With No Springs 

Want to get comfortable while studying give a double memory foam mattress with no springs a whirl. Were talking about a contouring feel that's built to last make sure to add the upholstered cover this brings luxury to the sleeper. Add a grey sofa bed to the pad or even go all out with a new TV bed this is going to kill two birds with one stone. 

Double Memory Foam Mattress With No Springs

For more tips and tricks come back soon to Better Bed Company we got loads of advice to share with you on a daily basis. 

Double Memory Foam Mattress With A Pink Bed-Better Bed Company

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