European Double Mattresses Designed Practically

European Double Mattresses Designed Practically-Better Bed Company

We've come up some ideas for your Ikea bed frames making sure that you get European double mattresses that fit the bill. It's a difficult situation when you find that you've gone out and bought that non standard uk sized bed but have fell in love. Don't fear we have this all under control for you Better Bed Company are always one step ahead. So if it's that euro double memory foam mattress your after we got you covered. 

Euro double mattresses come in a slightly different size you get a bit more from your pocket on this buy. Get your tape measure out and check the 140cm x 200cm before you rush out to the shop or go online purchasing. These roll up mattresses in a box are designed for the sleeper and there partner. You don't have to go all Sweden on us like your living in Stockholm or have a Copenhagen high rise flat. Add some white bed side tables or a black chest of drawers to the mix fashion can be found any where. 

Euro Double Memory Foam Mattresses 

It's probably the most popular style on the market, the euro double memory foam mattress is here to stay and the global population is loving it. The comfort is supreme and getting the right depth is key to accommodate the sleepers. The more the merry when it comes to this contouring material. Partner it up with ottoman bed for storage and add a patterned headboard for an impression. With this hybrid mattress your gaining a 10 cm split in two for you and the boy. 

Euro Double Memory Foam Mattress

Euro Double Reflex Foam Mattress 

This reflex foam mattress should be yours for firm base to your sleep. Made from heavy duty foam and upholstered in a soft fabric that lovely to the touch. Your sprung slatted base is going to thank you for this pick, giving you a medium tension. Sit up for breakfast and drink your coffee while you chill out watching your TV in bed it all about supporting the sleeper. Add a double memory foam mattress topper and some retro styled bedroom furniture for the complete statement. 

Euro Reflex Foam Mattress

European single mattress for the kids 

If you children are tall this could be the one for you with extra length the European single mattress is 90 x 200cm in measurement. With our white desks and mid sleepers your in luck as these could complete each other. Style them together with a comfy patterned rug keeping your boy's and girls cozy and a white book case for learning. 

European single mattress

Pocket spring European double mattress 

Maybe the most comfortable of the bunch the pocket spring European double mattress get the thumbs up. Get the 1000 sprung for luxury or go all out with a 2000 and be the king and queen of the house. Add some structure to the room with modern grey wardrobes and pink fabric beds this will give you that interior design look you've been searching for. 

European Double Pocket Spring Mattress

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European Double Mattresses Designed Practically-Better Bed Company

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