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With all children's Bunk Beds its about being fun and looking great. We want to add some colour to the bedroom and this is another way. Safety is important to think about with Bunks so we have already done a blog on this check it out Here

Before you purchase any other bed for your child you should think about the space saving all bunk beds offer. They would add another place for education, social interaction or play with there brother or sister. This is some thing you wouldn't get with divan beds or bed frames

Childrens Bunk Beds And There Features 

What does this item of furniture bring to the house hold ? well again space saving features. Its also a good idea if you wanted friends children or family sleep overs if there cousins need a night cap you wouldn't go far wrong with bunk beds. They could also add a certain style to any kids bedroom with a range of different types being launched all the time from Better Bed Company we won't let you down with this.

Jessy Bunk Bed

Jessy Bunk Bed-Better Bed CompanyJessy Bunk Bed Ladder Close View-Better Bed Company

This bunk bed is ideal for both boy's and girls and features a small desk on the foot end that could be used for multiple uses. The safety aspects really stand out on this bunk with a sturdy ladder and side rail that will keep them safe and sound. 

Maggie Combo Bunk Bed

Maggie Combo Bunk Bed-Better Bed CompanyMaggie Combo Bunk Bed Bottom Bunk Close View-Better Bed Company

This L shaped bunk bed could add more than one benefit to your child's bedroom. As they grow older you could add a divan bed or bed frame and replace the bottom bunk when the time is right. Its also a way of having a single bed frame on it's own so you can move around the bedroom or even in another room if needed. These bunk beds have so many possibilities to work with. 


These are just a couple of bunks we offer at the moment. It's the most important place to get right in the home and we want to help you by giving you ideas to get your purchase right ! 

In the next series we will look at Children's Beds maybe a few divan beds and kids cabin beds. 

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Child With Toys For Better Bed Company Bunk Beds Blog

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