Grey Beds To Style The Home Modern

Grey Beds To Style The Home Modern-Better Bed Company

Yes you heard us right the grey beds approach is for sure the best way to style your home for modern theme. Get your bedroom furniture at the ready curtains and wall paper with bedding and pillows for the finishing touches. Opt for ottomans and memory foam mattresses providing a comfortable partner for your bedsteads. Get drawers for storage for practical reasons. 

Choosing the best colours to decorate your room gives advantages. Go light for smaller spaces and dark for large masters. We've come up with a guide and some picks to help you choose wisely. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

Shop Grey Beds

Choose between fabric and wooden grey beds both materials provide different advantages. If your searching for a matching bedroom add some bedside tables in the same brand collection. 

Grey Ottoman Beds 

Opt for grey ottoman beds if you have a small house. Go for light colours and add mirrors to the walls adding an illusion of space. Add some oak bedroom furniture sets and a white desk with draws and shelving. 

Julian Bowen Capri Grey Fabric Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

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Grey Wooden Bed Frames 

For a modern effect invest in grey wooden bed frames providing a robust product for the house. Think about size if you can go up to super king size do if your struggling a small double might give you better values. Team with white chest of drawers and a black wardrobe for style. 

Flintshire Furniture Conway Grey Painted Oak Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

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Grey Single Beds With Mattresses

Invest in grey single beds with mattresses for guests and children's bedrooms. Opt for bunks and high sleepers or metal for low maintenance. Add a large side board and book cases for storage and accessories. 

Time Living Mayfair Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

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Questions And Answers On Grey Beds 

Are grey beds any good?

Yes with grey beds your buying a neutral colour shade ideal for matching with other furniture. This beds if purchased in a light colour can work well in small bedrooms creating a spacious feeling in the area. Metal and wooden grey beds are easily maintained which is ideal for spare and guest rooms. You can also gain storage buy grey ottoman beds and drawer frames this works well in smaller homes creating more space in other rooms in the house. Dark grey beds are good in large master bedrooms this colour can make a modern statement. 

Are grey beds available in super king sizes? 

There's plenty of different sizes to choose from when grey beds are concerned. They start at single and go right up to super king size which is 180cm x 200cm. A super king size grey bed is suitable for 2 sleepers providing lots of space make sure to add a 6ft mattress for the perfect sleeping surface. There's also small double grey beds these are effective if you just can't make a standard double work creating space for bedside tables and other bedroom furniture. 

How deep is the storage space inside a grey ottoman bed?

The storage depth on a grey ottoman bed is determined by the design. With better quality grey ottoman beds like from brands such as Kaydian and Bedmaster you will find the storage depth will be greater. This gives more scope for more storage. When buying cheap grey ottoman beds you fill find there's isn't as much storage depth inside and the materials used are going to be at low cost to the supplier. Always check what type of base come with the grey ottoman bed this could be MDF wood or fabric upholstery sheeting this provides different heights in storage depths.  


Grey Beds To Style The Home Modern-Better Bed Company

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