How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

There are so many things to take in to account relating to this subject we thought we would take on the task. Better Bed Company get asked this question on a regular basis and it's a difficult question to answer. We have come up with some rules on how to detect the first signs you may need a change. With a host of scenarios the tips and hints keep coming from our experienced content. 

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress 

  • Every 6 to 10 years - see below at our guide 

Here are some rules to stick to with everyone different you have to take into account so many things. We have narrowed the subject down to few bullet points to point you in the right direction. Here go's 

  • What's the mattress used for - daily use or spare bedroom ?
  • First signs to look out for
  • Who uses the mattress - Child, Teenager or Adult 
  • What style of Mattress is it - Memory Foam or sprung 
  • What style of Base is it lay on - Slatted or solid
  • Do i need a new bed base or bed frame
  • Have you got a Mattress protector - Stains can helped 
  • Is the tension firm or soft 
  • Is there anything i can do to add duration to my next mattress 
  • Does it matter what size it is 
  • Can you add a mattress topper to gain more life span 
  • Am i entitled to a guarantee or warranty
  • What is the best thing to do with the mattress after it replaced 
  • What are my choices for a new mattress 

What's the mattress used for - daily use or spare bedroom ?

This is for sure something to consider when contemplating a refresh in the mattress department. There may be little point in certain situations in replenishing this item of furniture. Such as if you only use the bed on irregular occasions like a spare room mattress. You may be better off spending your hard earned money on something worth while. 

You could always pay your bills and then the following month purchase a new mattress. This is common sense and you should use your better judgment in this area. 

If the mattress is for a holiday home and you are not planning on a trip soon then this could be another time you skip this. The following summer could be the ideal time to go shopping for this mattress. 

Is your new buy for a guest room and you haven't planned to have your friends over in the coming weeks. This could be another opportunity to shelve the idea until you make plans for a social get together. 

Your mattress change is for daily use it's important that your body structure and shape is correct. This will bring health benefits to you and your partner. You should check the springs and fillings both are paramount fixtures when it comes to a change.

Double Mattress

First signs to look out for

This is key to any refurbishment in any area of the home. How do you know the time has come to buy again.

The springs in a mattress are a tell tail sign you consider a new mattress. We have all slept on a rackety sounding mattress maybe this was in University or at a friends in a spare bedroom. If your moving and hear that uncomfortable noise you may need a change. Do the springs feel lime they are sticking you in the back ? this can be really frustrating and it's not healthy. You want the springs to act as a foundation and give you a supportive feel not hurt you. 

Do your mattress fillings feel thin and worn out ? the fillings should give you the comfort. They should be fluffy like a cloud keeping you in the correct position during the night. If you have a memory foam filling is it contouring to your body ? This material reacts with your body heat and should sculpt you into the the correct shape. This should be the case for the full 8 hours of sleep you get every night. If this just isn't working right it could be a sign. 

Does your mattress smell nice ? if your getting a strange odor from your bedroom not just your old under pants or sweaty gym clothes this could be an indication you have to change. You can use all the smellies, deodorant and freshener you want but if your mattress stinks there ain't no getting away from a new buy. 

Double bed with a mattress

Who uses the mattress

This could make a real difference to how often you should change your mattress. If for instance a kid sleeps on mattress through there childhood years and they are growing fast a new mattress could be beneficial. They are entering there teenage years and could need more space to grow. Also the springs and fillings might not adequate for they body weight. 

With an elderly person they may have health issues and lose or gain weight. This means that the tension will change in the mattress, you should contemplate buying a new mattress on this occasion. If they become heavier then they should look at a firmer tension, if they become lighter a soft mattress may be the answer. This is just something to think about even for all ages if this happens see your local GP for advice. 

If you and your partner share the same bed and part of the mattress is worn then you could seek a mattress protector. This will help bring life to each side of the sleeping surface. It will how ever be the start of the process of looking for a change. When you flip and rotate the mattress you should really do the same to the mattress protector. For best practice follow the guide given buy the manufacturer you purchased it from. 

If you have friends or family who use your spare room mattress and they mention you have a problem this could be cause for concern. In a perfect world you could test it for a night and make your own decision. Discuss this with your partner two heads are better than one. 

Bunk Bed

What style of Mattress is it

There are so many different types of mattresses out there today we ask the question does this effect the time to change. With every spring system like pocket sprung and every filling like cotton and wool. If one part of the mattress needs refurbishing it's likely the rest does. 

For instance if you have a open coil spring system and it's causing you issues you should seek a new sleeping foundation. With this spring system it may depend on the brand you bought it from as to how long it will last. The metal can be sourced cheaply and this may cause the mattress to corrode faster. There are plenty of quality bonnell mattresses out there though this style could last for years. 

With a memory foam mattress you either get springs or reflex foam combined. Both can work well and serve there purpose again it depends on the quality of the materials and firm who made it. You can get high density, low or medium density memory foam this will effect how long the mattress is going to last. 

A mattress protect should be purchased at the same time as you mattress. This will add life span and also keep you clean while you sleep. We would recommend a water proof one with a membrane that's going to stop any spillages or body fluids coming in contact with the mattress. 

Roll up mattress and a bed frame

What style of Base is it lay on

Your base has so much to do with this scenario. If your sleeping on brand new bed base that's sprung it may need some time to adjust losen up if you will. This can effect the tension of your mattress most of the time it will be firmer. If the sprung base is faulty it could lead to a misconception you need a new mattress. 

If you have bed frame check the slats first are they sprung bowed or solid. If there sprung they could make the mattress feel soft and might give you the wrong idea on this subject. The base of a bed frame can also have a full solid foundation is this allowing the fillings to breath ? you may find that the mattress could start to smell if it's not ventilated properly. You may be mislead by this you should really buy a mattress that has side air vents if it's on a solid base.  

If your mattress is lay on the floor again it might not be that your mattress is finished yet. The base for any mattress can help provide life span and life if you get this right. 

A sprung edge bed base might give you a false indication also. This style of base is designed to stop wear and tear as you enter and leave the sleeping surface. It does have a slight effect on the tension also mind. 

You should always check the base of your bed before going out to the shops and buying a new mattress. You may find that you also need a new base or even that's causing your mattresses to falter and lose strength and longevity. 

Ottoman bed with slats on show

Do i need a new bed base or bed frame

It would be welcoming to think that when you replace your mattress you have a quality surface underneath. This can help with all types of issues in the long run, it just makes more sense. It's best advised to at least ask for some advice from the shop keeper or online retailer they could give you there opinion. Then it's down to you to make the decision. 

There are instances where certain manufacturers will not guarantee a new mattress unless it's lay on a new bed base. It's one of the first things an independent specialist will look for with any fault on a new mattress. 

You should check around the whole base like the slats and the gap between each piece. If there are missing sections you could be in trouble, sagging in the mattress could occur. 

If the base is pocket sprung are they protruding the base layer. If this is the case they will be sticking in to the new mattress and causing problems to the material and on some occasions the spring system. 

Are the side rails attached together properly if not this again could cause the mattress corrode. Are all the castors and legs stable and level with the rest of the bed. You may find that you will roll together or off the side if this is the case. 

Is the headboard attached properly if not this can effect the top of the mattress. It could wear the fabric or the spring cage unit. If your new buy s a memory foam or reflex again the headboard may cause issues if tilting into the mattress.

Bed base

Have you got a Mattress protector

A good idea when you buy any mattress and during it's life span is to cover with a new mattress protector. This will help with any stains and some on the market add comfort to the mattress. You can buy encased models these wrap around your whole mattress an this helps with dust from the base or under the bed if you have a frame or storage ottoman. 

You should always make sure you check that you purchase the correct size if you have a euro size mattress then buy single 90cm x 200cm, euro double 140cm x 200cm or a euro king 160cm x 200cm. checking you have the right size and counteracting the issue if not. 

Could you buy a new waterproof mattress protector this should be asked before you make the change. If your knitted cover is soiled and you no longer see it being fitting to sleep on and there is no smell or odor, this could be a game changer. If there is a slight tear in the fabric then don't just rush out and buy a new mattress straight away you could save your pocket money. 

There's plenty of brands online that cater to this buy in a range of materials. Check out the egyptian cotton, terry toweling or even go for a micro fibre these are good for kids. The price compared to a new mattress is for sure something to think about with them starting at around £25 for a 3ft single or 2ft6 small single. 

Waterproof mattress protector

Is the tension firm or soft

In theory a mattress that is firm should last longer because of the amount of metal that is used in the spring system. They way to make any box spring mattress firmer is to thicken up the coils. For instance if the coil is thin this means it's easier to push down if it's thick it's stronger so it's going to last longer. 

A thicker spring may not help the fillings over time though. If you have a memory foam material on top of  spring unit then after a certain amount of years the foam could deteriorate meaning you may need a new mattress. The same go's for cotton or a latex top mattress. 

If the mattress is just reflex foam then a higher density could be a firmer. Over time a lower density foam might corrode or damage. This is something you may want to check and on both sides of the mattress. Make sure to rotate or turn on regular basis, check the manufacturers hand book for this. 

If the mattress has just gone softer because of the time spent sleeping on the surface then this could mean a change. You should maybe get a second opinion on this or try sleeping in a hotel for the night. If this is a similar tension then it could just be a personal preference thing, at least you can weigh your options up the following morning. 

King size mattress

Is there anything i can do to add duration to my next mattress

There's lot's of ways to add time scale to a new mattress, it's time to take your learning experiences and run with the ball. Make sure to follow guidance from experts in the field for starters. Your in the right place now reading this blog you've taken the next steps. Listen to what the shop keeper has to say and take this onboard he's going to have some tricks up him sleeve if he's been in the industry for a while. 

Start by reading the guide you are given when you receive the mattress. Any good brand will add this inside the bag so it's good practice to read through the manual before bed. This will tell you when to rotate and turn the mattress and you want to stick with this for the full length of the mattress life. 

Add a mattress topper this can be in a range of materials. This is like making a fresh start sometimes. People all over the world use this little trick to add comfort and support but they are also adding duration to the mattress life. 

Again a mattress protector could do a good job for you also. Check your base if this needs replenishing then this could add years if you have a faulty base then this could be detrimental to any sleeping sleeping surface. 

Wash your bed linen and covers every so often this could leave stains or odors that could rub off on the mattress. You could also clean the rest of the bedroom as this will keep your room smelling nice and there will be less dust around to settle. 

You should also look into a healthier life style. Going the gym or dieting can help with weight issues. If you weigh less then you may get extra years out of your mattress. Single sleepers on a double bed, if there is only one sleeper on a large mattress then changing sides or rotating and flipping could extend the term. 

Super king size mattress

Does it matter what size it is 

The size of the mattress does play a role, if you need to replace your mattress. The number of sleepers play's it's part if there is 2 people involved the mattress may need changing more regular than with 1 sleeper. You should be rotating and turning the mattress on a regular basis. On a double or king size you get more sleeping surface for a single person this great. 

If you bought a zip and link mattress super king size then you get 2 x 3ft singles. This would give you double the time. With a 2ft6 mattress compared to a single it wont make much difference same go's for a 5ft king and 6ft super king. 

The depth of the mattress might give you more duration. Just be careful though just because it's deep doesn't mean your going to buy quality. I would be a millionaire and come out with the deepest mattress around and call this the best. It doesn't work like this, it's the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. 

A thin mattress

Can you add a mattress topper to gain more life span

A new mattress protector is one of the best things you can do to add life span. You may feel as if your mattresses life is over this may not be the case. Go online and search for these in a range of fillings like memory foam, wool and cotton. They can be purchased thick and thin this will give you a indication of the quality. But like i said before it's not all about depths. 

Sometimes the life for a mattress is over and there's nothing you can do about this. All the mattress toppers in the world can't get you out of this. Make your on decision. 

Half way through a mattresses life like around the 4 year mark would be the ideal tie to buy a new mattress topper. Some mattresses are made with a pillow top this is similar case. Your not adding any thing else to the time scale though it's just the item you bought on the day. 

It's good to research these things first before you buy. I would recommend going to your nearest store and seeing if they have any on display. Memory foam mattress toppers will feel completely different than a cotton or a wool topper. It's doing to personal preference  getting the incorrect topper isn't doing you any favours in the long run.

Memory foam Mattress topper

Am i entitled to a guarantee or warranty

That's the first thing you should be asking your self. Guarantees and warranty's are slightly different. We will get to this in a moment and these should start when you take delivery of the product. The brand in which you purchased the mattress from is liable and not the store. You should contact firms like Fira who are  independents they can come to your home and check that the mattress is worthy of a guarantee or warranty. 

The first thing that these companies check are the mattress then they check the base. You need to make sure that your mattress has been on a suitable base for the full proportion of use. They work for them selves and not any one brand in the UK or globe. 

The difference between a guarantees and warranty is this -

Guarantees mean that you are covered for any faults in the product and will get the full money back if it's found to be faulty. Companies have to give at least a 1 year Guarantee in the UK. 

warranty's mean that a brand will give you what the mattress is worth in say 5 years. There will be a sum that they use to calculate this. If a mattress was bought for £1000 and you had this for 5 years and then found a fault the brand would probably credit you for around £400 if the mattress had a 10 year warranty. This will be in there terms and conditions. 

The online shop or retail out let doesn't have a say in Guarantees and warranty's.

NBF badge  

What is the best thing to do with the mattress after it replaced 

You should always think about recycling any old mattress first before going your local skip. This means asking friends or relatives if it's in good condition. You could also phone charity shops as some may welcome a new mattress and it's good for society as it helps with community work when collected. 

Recycling helps the environment first and fore most as you can use the materials for new items. The metal springs can be melted and reused in other industries. It also helps with land fill as your old mattress won't be just sent to a site to be crushed and then filled in the land. 

You should contact your local council or charity shops when looking to dispose of any old mattress. They might come out for free and this will keep the cost to zero for you.

What are my choices for a new mattress 

When it comes to a new mattress you should be looking around shops and online. Researching new materials and spring systems, your on the right site now. With so many choices available today from memory foam to pocket springs your sure to find the right mattress for your needs. 

New mattresses come in a range of sizes like super king size and a small double catering to the consumers needs like never before. You should also be looking at a depths even though this isn't a certain just use your common sense if a mattress is 15cm in depth it may not be suitable for daily use sleeping surface. 

You should be looking for brands and ones that have a good reputation. You can check review sites like trust pilot and feefo these give you an indication if that firms doing a good job these day's. 

Read blogs and content from experts in the field this will help you find the right mattress for you. Social media is another place to visit do check out facebook and instagram this will help. Don't be put off by one bad review as there isn't a brand in  the world that hasn't had a bad day. This can happen to the best just use your common sense again on this one. 

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How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

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