How To Fix Your Sleep With A Double Mattress During Lock Down

How To Fix Your Sleep With A Double Mattress During Lock Down Main

At this stage in lock down your feeling tired, restless and your energy levels are down. There is little to do besides sleep during the day time. You my be complaining about having weird dreams feeling sluggish and having bad sleeping patterns. 


Ways To Improve Your Sleep During Lock Down 

With so many reasons behind this issue such as staring at your phones or laptops screens, lack of sunlight and energy well lack of from less movement. You may be feeling tired all of the time but still find it hard to sleep. 

Here are some ideas to improve your sleeping pattern and get you back on track. 

Go To Bed At The Correct Time

For those key workers nothing could be more important than getting the rest they need. You should be setting those alarm clocks at the same time every morning getting you into a set routine. Your consistency is key here getting you back on track. 

Your Double Mattress Comfort

This is a tricky one but if you add something to the space it could help you tenfold. By adding a memory foam mattress topper you gain another surface that could help. You could also add some pillows to the mix this could help with your structure. It's not all about the sofa in lock down. 

Double Mattress double mattress

Get Your Tasks Set During The Evening 

When creating your evening schedule building something simple could work well. If your adding your skincare products, drinking tea, listening to a podcast or reading that book. You should do this on a repeating basis it will help guide you to bed. 

Stay Away From Devices 

Stay away from your phone or computer late in the evening. You should be reading a book or listening to that podcast. Put your electrical dives on the chest of draws or bed side tables. Any bright lights from the Garden could disrupt so close the curtains and turn off the lights. 

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How To Fix Your Sleep With A Double Mattress During Lock Down Main

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