Insomnia impact on mental health

Insomnia impact on mental health-Better Bed Company

The connection between sleep and mental health is close. Mental health problems can cause Insomnia and also other health problems. Those with psychiatric conditions are going to be more likely to be sleep deprived. Sleep problems effect 50% of the population who attend psychiatric practices with 10% of your average population also suffering - With bipolar, anxiety and depression sufferers, it's unfortunately typical to have sleeping disorders. The relationship between a lack of sleep and the brain hasn’t been fully understood yet but studies have found that sleeping well through the night has a positive effect on your everyday life.

Affects of Insomnia Effecting Your Mental Health

There are cycles in which a person sleeps. This changes during this time as sleep progresses. Body temperature drops, muscles relax and heart rate slows during this time- this stage is called light sleep. There are times when physiological changes and helps the immune system. There is also a period were you dream and your body increases in heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. This is the time when learning and memory contributes to your emotions. Sleep disruption can cause issues with your brain, affecting the parts of your brain which affect your emotions and thought processes. Insomnia and being unable to fall asleep can make this even worse.  

Mental Effects of Sleep Deprivation 

There are so many sleep disorders and one of the most common is insomnia which is failing to fall asleep or staying asleep. Types of sleeping disorders impact our mental health and may have common biological origins. 

Depression and sleep deprivation go hand in hand with 90% of sufferers have some form of sleeping issues - Mental health problems can be cause by insomnia and can be developed. Those who develop insomnia are more likely to suffer from depression later in life studies have shown. 

There are many reasons why someone might have issues with there Mental Health poor sleep is just a contributor.

Better Bed Company are working with a Mental Health Charity PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide this month in order to spread awareness. Providing readers with help and content to battle this issue in our communities. 

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Insomnia impact on mental health-Better Bed Company

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