Mattresses and Beds For Caravans and Motor Homes

Mattresses and Beds For Caravans and Motor Homes-Better Bed Company

When purchasing mattresses and beds for your motor homes and caravans it's important that there comfortable. You should replace your caravan mattresses and beds every 8 years. You could look at different materials depending on what suits you. I would go with a robust model that will wear well through out the year. 

Static Caravan-Better Bed Comapny

Who is the Mattress or Bed For

We often have guests when travelling this is a time spent with friends and family. We would want the adequate model for the job in hand. With adult guests you could look at wool and cotton or latex mattresses.

A Child-Better Bed Company

For children a reflex foam mattress would be ideal as this would give good support and comfort at the same time. For a caravan or motor home i would stay away from memory foam because of the heat factor. They have covers that deal with this but even so why take the chance when you have choices available. 

Best Materials for Mattresses 

If most of the holidays took place in the summer then cotton would probably be the best material because it's cool in the summer while wool is a good conductor of heat for the winter months. If you had a mix of wool and cotton you would have the best of both worlds. We deal with Vogue beds who have a mattress range that has one side for winter and another for summer. 

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You would want to look at the materials used to upholster your mattresses and beds. A high quality damask fabric would give you luxury. With roll up mattresses they usually come with zip cover so these could be washed easily. Always protect your covers with a mattress protector any way cover all bases. 

Springs Or Foam

With a sprung mattress for an adult you would probably want a pocket sprung mattress. There are also quite good open coil spring systems as don't forget this is only going to used for holidays mainly. If you are on a budget then this would be an adequate purchase.

Pocket Spring Mattress-Better Bed Company

If you suffer from back issues then a orthopedic spring system mattress might be a good idea. Foam mattress would be good for the kids as they will give them good support and they are easy to handle. 

Add A Guest Bed

A guest bed would be a great idea for a motor home or Caravan. This would give you an added Berth. It could be a way off adding a bed while saving space as there are options available for a folding guest beds. The folding guest beds range have metal feet so they sturdy, with castors so there easy to handle. The slats are sprung so they work with your mattress. The weight is light too so they are easy to handle in and out of the motor or caravan. You could place them in the front room if you wanted during the night. 

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Most Important Thing

Beach And Sea-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company want to make sure you have great holidays and enjoy the experiences while making memories for you and your children. Hopefully the sun is shinning and the sea is warm !

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And please travel safely this Summer 


Mattresses and Beds For Caravans and Motor Homes-Better Bed Company

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