Mattresses For Buy To Let Housing

Mattresses For Buy To Let Housing-Better Bed Company

When renting your house out to tenants it's important to show case the property in the best way possible. The furniture could help sway any deal both way's. And it is important to keep your tenant happy at all times as it will pay for it's self in the long run. The Bed is a center piece in the bedroom and could make you stand out amongst the crowed.

What would be ideal is a Mattress that is tough and will last the duration of the tenancy. It would be frustrating if with in a few months you had to go and buy a new one. This could cause stress and could lead on to other issues. 

So what is the best course of action ? It would be a good idea to make sure that the Bed Base's structure was solid and that it was covered in a fabric that is hard wearing and could be cleaned easy. You would probably want the base on castors so it's easy to move around the room for your tenant. 


Then the mattress should have a spring system that is reliable maybe you could go down the route of a bonnell unit. The springs are connected and give good support to the body. After all this is the most used around the world, so it's not bad. 

I would suggest that you get a mattress protector as well so if there are  any spillages the stains will be left to the bear minimum. A mattress protector will also help with bed bugs coming in contact with anyone's skin while using the mattress. 

There are plenty of manufacturers that cater for this type of mattress including Airsprung Beds, Sleepshaper, sareer and more. For Mattress protectors we have Dream Easy. 

You should really replace the mattress every time you have a new tenant as this would show you care and would set you off on the right foot. 

Better Bed Company have a section on our website that gives the user a selection of products that are perfect for possible buyers and situations. See the 

Perfect For Land Lord Mattresses Section 

This could help any Land Lords giving them a selection of mattresses to choose from. 


Mattresses For Buy To Let Housing-Better Bed Company

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