New Technology Beds | Display Of Bedroom Furniture

New Technology Beds | Display Of Bedroom Furniture-Better Bed Company

Ikea have come up with a genius way of showing off there beds and furniture. They take there bed showrooms to the next level with new revolutionised ideas on how to present there beds to the public. There mattresses are still European sized mattresses so if you have an ikea frame you can still get a mattress from them. 

Bedroom Furniture Display

They have come up with a new way for customers to see the benefits of buying in showrooms. It's a complete sleep studio with themes set out show casing there new beds and furniture. They have set a series of rooms with styles to each bedroom being different. 

Plants For Oxygen-Better Bed Company

They wanted to implement a green feeling as this is good for healthy sleep. They know that greenery gives off oxygen and really you should want that in your bedroom close by to add not just a breathing benefit but also for your mental health. 

They have also added textiles to the display room's above the beds as this will soften noise and also block light coming into your bedroom in the early hours of the morning. They have really thought this through. 

Sun Rise In City-Better Bed Company

The displays will be rolled out across Australia in the coming months. 

Healthy Beds Mean Healthy Sleep 

It's good to know that we as race are working to get this through to consumers as a healthy sleep will give a healthy life style. This will effect everyone and we want to focus on new technology to advise and bring to attention. 

Better Bed company want to develop ideas on how the consumer can get advice on health as this is an important part of our company. We want to inform you of the newest technology out there for beds and mattresses. Make sure that you get the right sleep during the night and stay away from your laptops and i phones during the final hours of the day. Read a book or listen to your latest music as this will relax you ready for a healthy nights sleep. 

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New Technology Beds | Display Of Bedroom Furniture-Better Bed Company

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