Single Mattress For Your Guest Beds When We Come Out Of Lock Down

Single Mattress For Your Guest Beds When We Come Out Of Lock Down-Better Bed Company

Spare time is a given at the moment and getting prepared with a single mattress for your guest beds is something productive you can add to list of things to do. Your friends are in lock down too so when were all ready to mix and mingle you can rest assured there night cap is sorted at your home. Think about the rest of the room also this could be a time to think about new wardrobes and chests of drawers keeping them organised when they stay over. 

Developing the guest room with a new bed and a single mattress is going to cost a packet in fact it's cheap online with lot's options. The size and depth is something to think about especially on the low base pull out trundle, you don't want to get this wrong so get your tape measures at the ready. Think about the small details take the bedroom to the next level try memory foam with pocket springs or the most common natural and open coil there's plenty to pick from. 

Here's a single mattress list for you to get started. 

Single mattress with an orthopedic spring system 

If your mates have back aches and pains a single mattress with an orthopedic spring system could work wonders. When your sipping your red wine and eating your Indian take out you won't be dreading there happiness when you send them off to dream land in your house. Make the room feel homely with a grey rug and a black chest of draws with shelving. Team this up with a oak side board with draws and a white narrow book case to keep them entertained. 

 Oak Guest bed with single mattress

Single Memory Foam Mattress For The Guest Bed 

There's no better sleeping surface than a single memory foam mattress for the guest bed around today. Keep it low profile to be on the safe side the depth shouldn't be over 20cm for the lower bed. Add some pine bedroom furniture for the traditional choice and a pink bed for the girls in your life. Team this up with 2 door bedroom furniture providing loads of storage space go's a long way between friends :)  

Single Memory Foam Mattress With A Guest Bed  

Single Mattress With No Springs 

This season a quality single mattress with no springs is going to bring comfort and a cozy warmth to the spare bedroom. Add some books to the space with some great groups on Instagram and Facebook so gain the reviews from others before you purchase for your friends and relatives. Add a Grey Kaydian Barnard TV Bed to the room for some glam and beige sofa bed if you have a large area to play with. Keep the colours vibrant like a cool blue or a splash of yellow could make for an inviting theme. 

Guest List Board

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Single Mattress For Your Guest Beds When We Come Out Of Lock Down-Better Bed Company

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