Sleepshaper Mattresses Part 7

Sleepshaper Mattresses Part 7-Better Bed Company

Sleepshaper Mattress Reasons You Shouldn't Buy !

Better Bed Company want to look after our customers and we value there time and money. We know Sleepshaper Mattress is a great company with the best mattresses around but sometimes they just don't suit the consumer. We understand that some times you just can't please every body. 

Your mattress is one of the most important purchases your likely to make in your life time. The value of getting this correct is very high and will be beneficial in your health and life style over the years. 

Sleepshaper Mattress

Sleepshaper Memory Foam Mattresses

If your looking for a memory foam mattress then you should be thinking about instances when this is the right decision and also instances when this could be the wrong. 

Memory foam is a heat sensitive material so if you struggle with being hot during the night then this type of mattress might not be for you. Even though the sleepshaper mattresses use covers and fabrics that regulate the heat in some cases it might still be too hot. 

Remember this point before you go out and purchase any mattress ! 

Sleepshaper Mattresses

Sleepshaper Mattress And Tension

The tension in any mattress is important and every body has there own comfort levels. You want to get this this right before buying any mattress on the market never mind Sleepshaper mattresses.

Tension could be different depending on your weight as well. If your a heavy person then a soft mattress might not be for you. If your light then a firm might not be suited. 

Sleepshaper Mattresses

If your after the firmest mattress on the market then a Sleepshaper mattress  probably isn't for you or your home. 

Better Bed Company give you these guide lines and we feel it's our responsibility to provide advice to consumers even when it might not be in our best interests. 

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Sleepshaper Mattresses Part 7-Better Bed Company

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