Small Double Mattress | Part 2

Small Double Mattress

Better Bed Company want to discuss materials again today in a Small Double Mattress. When looking for a new Small Double Mattress there's so much to think about and the body of a mattress is very important to reach your goals in adding a item of furniture to your home that's going to add value. With a Small Double you have already picked the size and maybe the room has been chosen. There could be other things to think about besides the size like the best form of mattress. 

We want make sure that materials used can assist you getting a healthy night's sleep. You want to add comfort and support giving your body the best chance of recovering from your daily routine. Your sleep is an important part of rest and small details can help your life style and give you more skills. 

Small Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

Small Double Mattress Materials Part 2

we have already discussed wool fillings and why they could bring advantages to you and also memory foam was part of our small double mattress blog 1. Better Bed Company want to advise and give you benefit when reading our content. So we thought about other materials that could be used in a small double mattress. 

Reflex Foam Small Double Mattress

with a material that could bring support and a cost effective value to a mattress. Reflex Foam should be considered when looking around the market at a small double mattress. Usually reflex foam is firm substance that has a higher density than memory foam. This gives a very supportive feel so if your looking for a firm mattress then a reflex could be the answer.

Some times reflex foam is used as a base layer for other materials such as latex and memory foam. This gives a mattress the perfect foundation to work with. It's hard wearing characteristics bring value when placed below other fillings. You also get the spring back to shape when pressure is released so it will always contour to your body shape pushing up like memory foam. This will help the other material contour to your body keeping your spine straight. 

A reflex foam small double mattress could bring advantages in the manufacturing process as well. With a non standard size the factory would find it difficult to make but as reflex foam is cut all they have to do is change the size gauge on the machine and cut the foam. This makes it easy for workers to deal with this type of size. All in all a small double mattress is just as easy to make as any other size when dealing with reflex foam. 

Cotton  Fillings Small Double Mattress 

Small Double Mattress

cotton is a soft material like wool that's added to a small double mattress for comfort reasons. Usually you would add it to mix of other materials but sometimes manufacturers produce wool only mattresses as well with springs. 

Cotton brings a Natural item to your household so that has to be good for the environment. The way in which we conduct our selves now could bring great effect for our children so when looking for a material used in a small double mattress consider natural products. 

Small Double Mattress

Cotton is a cool material as well so it can bring the temperature of other's used inside a small double mattress. That could bring an advantage as if your too cold you could always add a duvet cover but if your too hot you would have to sleep without any covers. If it was me i would look at the first option mentioned but that's just from my point of view. 

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We will carry on with other materials used in the next blog on small double mattress later this week ! 


Small Double Mattress

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