St Patrick's Day 2020 With Better Bed Company

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day 2020 With Better Bed Company

The patron saint of Ireland is the reason behind this celebration. The commercial aspect of this day changes the way culture perceives this religious occasion. Erin go bragh - “Ireland till the end of time” 

It's a day for people all over the world to wear those long hats and produce those green shamrocks. Pints of Guinness are supped all over the United States and UK. For this year it may be a little different due to the epidemic that's going on around the world - coronavirus

Better Bed Company give you the low down on this Day !

3 Leaf Clover

On March the 17th the 10,000 year old celebration is upon us. Many people say that it was first held in Boston, Massachussetts, 1737, with others arguing the parade was first celebrated in St Augustine, Florida. Better Bed Company are on the fence with this one. 

With ever changing countries taking part in these festivities wanting party times. It's spread all over the globe the European and Asian countries have lapped it up for what it's worth. 

St Patrick was a slave by the age of 16. He was captured by pirates and taken to Ireland. He was born in either Scotland, England or Wales. The Shepherd was a very holy person who practised christianity. 

Legend has it that the three leaf shamrock was used by St Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity. It's all down to the Father the son and the holy spirit saying. That's the reason behind the symbol and why others use it today.

St Patrick died on March 17, in  461 AD, his work is commemorated annually. 

More About St Patrick's Day

People Drinking

The colours blue was originally associated it's more known for it's green shade now. The day is traditionally known for planting seeds With cabbage seeds being favourites. 

Now it's more of a gathering event, it's even a public holiday in Ireland. New York is another place it's big. Let's be honest in the UK it's massive and will continue playing a major role in our lives for years to come ! 



St Patrick's Day

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