Super King Size Mattresses Take A Look At The Large Sleeper

Super King Size Mattresses Take A Look At The Large Sleeper-Better Bed Company

It's all about the big statements in the bedroom this Winter and there's no bigger than a super king size mattress. For the sleepers your getting a 6ft x 6ft6 / 180cm x 200cm this is going to keep you and your partner so comfy. There's so much choice in the shops and matching this up with your grey bed frames and ottoman beds with storage has never been easier. Combos like memory foam and pocket springs, reflex foam and open coil even cool blue foam and latex have there part to play. 

We've come up with some of our favourite super king size mattresses on site to help you chose the one that works with your bedroom furniture. There a big deal so give your holiday in Athens a miss or your weekend away in Milan save your pocket money for this grand sleeping surface this winter. 

Super King Size Mattresses

Set your self up for life with a new super king size mattress 

See below for some ideas that are fit for a Queen 

Memory Foam Super King Size Mattresses 

If you need a new memory foam mattress then a 6ft could be effective. The contouring and molding nature of the material is all in the design. It's big, beautiful and bold and it's going to be a dream set with your upholstered frames. 

Team up with a modern grey headboard and comfy pillows or a waterproof mattress protector. 

Super King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Pocket spring super king size mattress 

Nothing fits your TV beds better than a pocket spring super king size mattress. Try a firm top that's fitting for a low base and high fabric headboard. It's like coffee in a Brussels cafe and eating out in Berlin stunning and luxurious. 

Add a grey bed side table keeping your bedroom decor smart with a 2 + 1 wardrobe and a Twin XL duvet like your in California. 

Super King Size Pocket Spring Mattress

Roll up super king size mattresses 

Need a convenient styled mattress ? don't worry we got what you want. 

The roll up super king size mattress is a real life saver when it comes to next day delivery. There going to come in a box like a quality hybrid mattress should do. Style them with a 6ft super king size memory foam mattress topper or crushed velvet 6ft ottoman bed.

6ft super king size roll up mattress

6ft Latex Mattresses 

If your looking for that interiors design look suitable for a faux leather bed frame then look no further. 

Add a latex mattress keeping you natural and adding comfort. Team this up with some grey wooden 3 + 2 chest of drawers, dressing table and stool for a breath taking bedroom decor theme. 

Super King Size Latex Mattress

Reflex foam and pocket spring super king size mattress 

If your looking for a firm sleeping surface then a super king size reflex foam and pocket spring mattress could be the answer. 

This will add support and comfort and work well with any bed frame that has sprung slats. Team this up with an oak bed with draws and a desk that has  shelving to give you accessories in the bedroom. 

Reflex foam and pocket spring super king size mattress

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Super King Size Mattresses Take A Look At The Large Sleeper-Better Bed Company

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