Swanglen Headboards | What To Look For In Quality Double Headboards

Swanglen Headboards | What To Look For In Quality Double Headboards-Better Bed Company

Swanglen Headboards are a company that's been making upholstered Headboards for decades with a wealth of experience you wouldn't go far wrong purchasing from this brand. The designs come in numerous styles and fabric's with so many choices available your spoilt for choice. They also offer various sizes including double headboards and most designs are done in a small double sized headboard too. With a range for next day double headboards in there collection they know how important delivery time scales are in 2019. 

When making a purchase for your home you want to get things correct. You have a number of choices when it come to headboards. Maybe depending on what room in the home this item of furniture could be for, will sway you one way or another. If your double headboard purchase is for your children then you might look at another style than if it was for your bedroom. With Swanglen headboards they have a variety that will spoil you for choice. 

Better Bed Company want to show you the consumer popular products from there double headboard collection. 

Take a look at a few

Swanglen Cairo Headboard

Swanglen Cairo Headboard In Shetland Navy Fabric-Better Bed Company Swanglen Cairo Headboard In A Gem Beige-Better Bed Company

With the Swanglen Cairo Headboard you get a contemporary styled headboard that could suit a number of family members bedrooms. The vertical panel design is very simple so this style of headboard could just blend in with the rest of the furniture. With a range of fabric options available you could also make this into a center piece for the room chosen.

Swanglen Somerset Headboard

Swanglen Somerset Headboard-Better Bed Company Swanglen Somerset Headboard In Bedroom-Better Bed Company

This floor standing headboard has a master bedroom look to it. With the over sized design and upholstered panels you would probably need the right bedroom to be honest. The construction is solid and with a large amount of padding so you can relax while sitting up in bed ! Your double headboard needs could be satisfied with this product. 

Swanglen Austin Headboard

Swanglen Austin Headboard-Better Bed Company Swanglen Austin Headboard Angle View-Better Bed Company

The Swanglen Austin Headboard has a unique style with a curve that could add something different to your bedroom. This headboard is available in a range of sizes including small double headboards as well as a range of fabrics for you to choose from. With it's floor standing presence allow enough room in your bedroom if you have other items of furniture.

Swanglen Sienna Headboard

Swanglen Sienna Headboard-Better Bed Company Swanglen Sienna Headboard Angle View-Better Bed Company

This headboard has so much padding that would feel comfortable when sitting up and reading or watching your television. With it's curved design and fabric pipping around the sides your getting a modern design headboard. With all Swanglen headboards you get a choice of fabrics and sizes to choose from. 

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We hope this blog helps you when looking for a new headboard with quality

Swanglen Headboards | What To Look For In Quality Double Headboards-Better Bed Company

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