The Beds Brands You Should Look Out For In Summer 2019

The Beds Brands You Should Look Out For In Summer 2019-Better Bed Company

With new exciting brands popping up all the time we thought we would discuss some must have's to get into your homes this Summer. You might want companies with fresh new designs and new approaches to the Bed industry. You may want a company that has the experience in the production of Beds. The after sales of any Business may be something you look at most before you buy beds. Better Bed Company are here to help in every way possible giving you advice on Brands and the way they work. 

These are just a few to ponder over.

Airsprung Beds

The company who have everything going for them. They are based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire manufacturing Beds since 1987. There a company on the rise taking over other Brands like Swanglen Headboards. This is a sign there not just in it for the short term. 

Airsprung Beds Guest Bed

Airsprung Beds have a range of Mattresses and Beds you could full in love with at first site. The Guest beds are particularly breath taking and have made it into homes all over the UK. Then there is there mattresses selection with materials such as memory foam and latex on offer.


Other wise known as the foam company based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. There a company built on family tradition from father to son setting standards in the Mattress industry like no other. There 10 year warranty again gives customers that trust you would want to find in any brand. 

Sleepshaper Mattress

They specialize in mattress production using high density memory foam is a selling point of there's. They also have reflex foam mattresses as well as latex. Another selling point of Sleepshaper is there ability to provide non standard sizes. So small single mattresses as well as a small double mattress is no problem to them.


The masters of bed making as they promote on there website home page. There based in Batley UK as with a host of manufacturers around the West Yorkshire area. Again another family company that provide a huge selection giving the UK consumer a host of options. 

Bedmaster Divan Set 2019 New Edition

Bedmaster have a delivery time scale that's fast with a 2 to 3 day time scale. There new 2019 beds range is an ideal buy if you want to keep up with the times of purchasing new designs of furniture. You also get the hand craftsmanship with Bed master so every item is made to order. 

These are just a few brands Better Bed Company have selected today. We only add trusted partners to the site that are hand picked by our managing director who has 3 decades of experience in the Mattresses and Beds industry.  

The Beds Brands You Should Look Out For In Summer 2019-Better Bed Company

At Better Bed Company we take our customer care to the next level with our expert knowledge and support that's always a phone call away. We strive to look out for not just our beds - we strive to look out for you.