Use Better Beds Company for your next Kayflex Mattress!

Use Better Beds Company for your next Kayflex Mattress!

Better Bed Company partners with Kayflex to give our customers a wide range of mattresses.

Kayflex is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of memory foam mattresses.

Our collaboration provides the ultimate solution for your sleep problems!

Kayflex Superb Mattresses!

Kayflex offers a guaranteed great night's sleep with their unique advanced 3-layer technology.

Our fast delivery service means you can get your mattress in no time with the best possible prices on the market!

Kayflex has the best reflex foam mattresses in a firm and medium tension.

We have options to suit your personal preference and to ensure you have the best night's sleep possible!

At Better Bed Company, we know Kayflex have the best reputation and knowledge of the mattress industry.

Better Bed Company continuously strives to add value and benefits for our customers.

Kayflex Platinum Memory Foam Mattress

This platinum memory foam mattress is 7.5cm of memory foam and 17.5cm of reflex foam.

It also includes a pop-up polyester fabric cover and zip-off for cleaning purposes.

This memory foam mattress is designed to help sleepers keep a healthy posture throughout the night.

The 25cm depth is designed for quality and longevity. Rotating the mattress on a regular basis will only add to the long lifespan.

Kayflex Hybrid Cool Blue Mattress

This hybrid cool blue memory foam mattress has everything for the sleeper to have the best night's sleep possible.

The cool blue memory foam is similar to standard foam, but the air does not get trapped between the sleep and foam.

This product can add to all types of bed bases for a quality sleeping surface and is easy to deal with on the delivery day.

Kayflex K Zone Mattress

The Kayflex K Zone Mattress is a state-of-the-art mattress that will provide the sleeper with a quality sleeping surface!

This mattress is equipped with high-density reflex foam that supports the users and is ideal for two sleepers.

Kayflex's K Zone Mattresses come in a roll-up so you can save on delivery costs.

You can add this mattress to all types of bed bases like sprung or solid.

Kayflex Natural Touch Memory Foam Mattress

This natural touch memory foam mattress with 5cm of memory and 15cm of reflex foam will help you sleep well!

The soft feel of Aloe Vera quilted fabric will aid your skin and keep your body fresh when in bed.

Our delivery service is quick and easy with the roll-up memory foam mattress that can easily carry from room to room.

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At Better Bed Company, we take great pride and care in giving the best possible service in everything we do.

We strive to look out for not just our beds - we strive to look out for you.

With fast and next-day delivery, it's a no-brainer to use Better Bed for your next mattress.

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Use Better Beds Company for your next Kayflex Mattress!

At Better Bed Company we take our customer care to the next level with our expert knowledge and support that's always a phone call away. We strive to look out for not just our beds - we strive to look out for you.