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Vogue Beds Memory Foam Mattress

Your in the market for a new mattress you should be considering what brands to deal with and getting the best deal possible. With a Vogue Beds memory foam mattress your getting an experienced company with competitive prices in the UK market. It's all down to there reputation with Vogue creating a leading beds and mattress manufacturing brand over the last 30 years. One of there best selling items is the Vogue Beds memory foam mattress this is down to consumers needs and wants. The material is in great demand and has been for decades now making it into customers homes all over Britain. Better Bed Company realise it's our job to promote the best brands giving our readers value while reading our blogs as well as our experience. 

Vogue Beds Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Memory Foam Mattress And What Your Going To Get 

With this type of mattress it may take a bit of time to get used to as it's like no other. A Memory foam Mattress has contouring nature and molds around the body. The material works off your body heat reacting as your body heats up it will mold around you. This molding will create a healthy sleeping surface keeping your body in the correct alignment adding health benefits. You want your spine to remain straight while you sleep this gives you the best posture possible. While your body remains straight this will encourage blood to flow around your Body and Brain. This helps against strokes and other health related issues. Memory foam is perfect for creating a healthy balanced sleeping surface.

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Why Vogue Beds For Your Memory Foam Mattress ?

Well there a company who have won awards in the Beds and Mattress industry and being members of well respected associations. These types of groups have standards set out for their members with independent auditing to certify that they carry out the correct procedures, comply with UK regulations, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions. Vogues beds memory foam mattresses have been audited by NBF, BCFA and the Sleep Council these certificates give a great indication your dealing with a reputable company and one you can trust. 

Cheap Vogue Memory Foam Mattress

With the experience of a company like vogue beds they understand the need for competitive pricing. We are in the age of the internet buyer with online companies taking 55% of all sales last year. If your not cheap on your price you may as well forget it. Vogue beds have come out with an internet only collection giving the UK customer a selection of memory foam mattresses at rock bottom prices. They understand this is good practice and are in the early stages of developing there web site in order to promote these products to consumers even better than before.  


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Vogue Beds Memory Foam Mattress Blog Main-Better Bed Company

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