What is a gas lift Ottoman bed ?

What is a gas lift Ottoman bed ?-Better Bed Company

What is a gas lift Ottoman bed ?

With many types of systems on the market today we thought we would write a blog on systems on how you raise this style of bed. The question today is What is a gas lift Ottoman bed ?. This style of lift can be found on other products giving benefits in all walks of life. You can find it underneath chairs, on boots of car's and other gadgets on the market. 

The gas pistons can be found on either side of the ottoman bed that look like bike pumps. They make a gas sound as you maneuver the ottoman up and down releasing air when in the process of use. You'll find this lift mechanism on all Better Bed Company ottoman beds. 

The Benefits of Gas Lift Ottomans 

Ottoman Bed Gas Lift Open View-Better Bed Company

Your mattress would be a heavy object to lift if you were on your own. Struggling with the weight could cause injury to the back and causing medical issues. Keeping the bed and mattress held in place while you access your items is another advantage your going to gain. This wouldn't be much fun would it if kept coming back down at you. There are other way's we could tackle this problem like a large spring but this wouldn't be as effective being harder to lift. This style of mechanism could come right back at you causing you to hold in place while in in use. 

How the process works 

Gas Lift Piston In Side Diagram-Better Bed Company

Like we mentioned the gas lift is like a bike pump. It's filled with gas and oil sealed up so as to not escape. The gas allows the spring to store energy, the oil helps the lubrication of the process making for a smooth ride. With a heavy steel piston mounted on the rod sliding back and forth just like a bike pump. 

If you push it down at some point it's going to compress the gas. If you let it go it's going to come back up at you. The whole cylinder is sealed. 

When you push down the force moves around inside the other way working in the other direction. This is why the ottoman would stay up or down once moved in this direction. 

Why would you want to use a Gas Lift Ottoman Bed

This style of lifting system has so many benefits making your life easier is one. If you used a a spring it's self it would be unpredictable and may cause damage or injury. With a smooth flow of the gas lift the whole procedure of lifting would work at an exact speed. This gives the end user a reliable source of knowledge added benefits to them and other family members. 

All in all this type of lift would last longer with out maintenance. With a metal spring it's more likely to break due to repeatedly loading and unloading. The sound also has an effect on the benefits. They sound great as to a rackety old spring moving up and down. 

Does size play a part in a Gas Lift Ottoman Bed 

This would come in the design process of the ottoman bed. You would need two cylinders on both sides even if your talking about a single ottoman bed. Anything up to a super king size model on the market would work well with two gas pistons. This would also depend on weight. With most mattresses on the market the weight wouldn't effect the performance. 

Cost of a gas lift pistons hydraulic lift

Gas Lift Piston-Better Bed Company

The cost isn't a great deal of difference in springs being able to pick a pair up for about £20. This gives manufacturers no options when it comes to adding this lifting mechanism to the bed when in design. This also helps with cost to end user making it a no brainer buy appose to others on the market. 

Final Thoughts on What is a gas lift Ottoman bed ?

For sure the gas lift i the best option for the end user in 2020 finding this system on the best branded ottomans. This would make for a better user experience making light work of operating the bed. Adding benefits to other in the home and giving a healthy life style at the same time. With other mechanisms on the market causing noise pollution and longevity issues. 

What is a gas lift Ottoman bed ?-Better Bed Company

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