Bed Buying Guide

At Better Bed Company we wanted to give you some information on Beds so that you make the right decision and buy the right one for you. 

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Bed Types

Divan Beds

Divan Beds are probably the most common types of beds there is. These can come in different sizes of width, length and height. We have choices on the materials used in construction. The bases can come with a solid, sprung edge or sprung all over. With the base you have options available to you when it comes to feet with castors, glides and wooden feet just a few to choose from. On all divan beds you should have a place for attaching the headboards these should be at the back of the bed most of the time there should be two holes as this will make sure that it is securely fastened. 

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Bed Frames

A bed frame is a great way to add your personality to a bedroom. Again these can come in different sizes so make sure that you measure your bedroom as to make sure that it will fit keep in mind your bed side cabinets as well. With bed frames they can be fabric, wooden, metal even a mix of two materials. We have space underneath on most occasions but sometimes they are styled to lay on the floor. The headboards to a bed frame are usually attached and designed as a whole to the frame. The slats can come either solid or sprung remember if they are solid then this will make your mattress firmer and if they are sprung then the mattress will be softer. 

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Fabric Beds

This is an opportunity to add colour to your bedroom, with so many shades to choose from this can be confusing. With fabric beds it's best to get swatches of the fabrics sent to your home and maybe get a few shades of the colours that are suitable. You could leave them in the bedroom for a few days just get used to them a bit like when you add paint tests to the wall. Fabric beds can come with solid bases, sprung slats or solid slats. Usually they have a wooden frame with multiple metal slat cap holders on each side rail. sometimes they have a center leg underneath to give the base a solid structure. Remember when you move the fabric bed to lift it don't drag it other wise you could snap the center leg. 

 Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company Bed Buying Guide

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are the best way to add storage space to a bedroom. This will give you the full depth of the bed and the circumference, besides the actually frame that supports you. They can sometimes come with compartments this could come in handy if you had a partner or wanted to keep household items separate. With most ottoman beds these days they come with a gas cylinder situated on the side rails and and slat foundation. make sure that you follow the instructions but if the bed opens from the front then the gas cylinder should attach nearer the headboard. If the ottoman is a side opener then the point to fasten should be on the opposite to the opening side. 

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Adjustable Beds

These are a great way to make your life easier. They will usually have a slatted base that have parts that move up and down. But there are motion beds that come with a solid base. They have a remote to give you control of the movements you wish to make. Adjustable beds come with motors that should be splash proof for safety reasons. The end of the mattress should have a guard rail that stops it from sliding off the end when in motion. With adjustable beds usually they come longer than your average single bed by 10cm so 200cm in length. 

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Bunk Beds

Safety is of paramount importance when finding the right bed for your children. All Bunk Beds should conform to (British safety standard number BS EN 747:1993). Bunk beds can come in a range of different materials wood and metal being the most popular. The idea is to save space in the bedroom this would give more room for activities to take place. They should come with guard rails and ladders it's important to check these are safe on a regular basis. Bunk bed mattresses should be no more than 17cm in depth. 

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Guest Beds

Guest Beds are a great way to treat your friends and family. The materials used to finish these beds are usually wood and upholstery. These come with two mattresses with the lower being slightly shorter so that it fits underneath. The under bed or what is commonly known as the trundle should come on castors for ease to pull out. The bases can come either solid or sprung. The mattresses can either be pocket sprung or open coil depending on personal preference or a mix of the two. 

Guest Bed-Better Bed Company Bed Buying Guide