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  • Better Memory Ortho Mattress
  • Better Memory Ortho Mattress
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Better Memory Ortho Mattress

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Better Memory Ortho Mattress

Quality and comfortable this hand made memory foam mattress is a must for any one who suffers from back pains and aches. The orthopedic spring system helps you where you need it most supporting your body in the correct way for a healthy night's sleep. This style of mattress will help refresh you for the day ahead and it's activities. 

With the memory foam layer on top your going to receive a contouring feel keeping you in the correct position while sleeping. This material reacts with your body heat so it may take a few minuets to start working. 

Underneath you get the supporting nature of the open coil spring system. It's going to give you an individual feel keeping you and your partner comfortable. The bonnell spring system is a market leader and is used in massive amount of mattresses globally. 

The cover is soft to the touch and upholstered in cool touch fabric. The hand tufts keep the mattress together this is where the craftsman reveals his art. Air vents are placed around the edges bringing ventilation values, helping the fillings over the years. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ernie Didman
Size of Mattress: Super King
Location: Cardiff
Excellent shopping experience

If you want to buy mattress don't go any where else. The prices are just the best and the service well there so helpful top firm to deal with.

Thank you for your feedback on your new mattress and we hope to see you again soon! -Better Bed Company

Grace Armstrong
Size of Mattress: Double
Location: Lewes
Great replacement mattress

My costco mattress had seen better days and needed replacing. I have been going to a hotel with work for a while now and always seem to have a nice sleep checked the badge and well it was better beds. I went straight online and purchased this having a great nights sleep now

Thank you for your feedback on your new mattress and we hope to see you again soon! -Better Bed Company

Hollie German
Size of Mattress: Single
Location: Brentwood
Quick delivery

The little girls cot mattress 140 x 72 was full of sick and muck in the end we decided it was time to get her a big one. Went for a single 90 x 190 and this is just about right for her in terms of the comfort. She has her little pillows and duvets looks so cute in her bedroom

Thank you for your feedback on your new mattress and we hope to see you again soon! -Better Bed Company

Sarah Shepherd
Size of Mattress: 5ft
Location: Nottingham
Super happy!

Searched around and saw the dormeo mattress reviews but our budget just couldn't stretch it was time to go back to the drawering board. Better Beds had a sale on at there local store so I took advantage with free delivery I was done.

Thank you for your feedback on your new mattress and we hope to see you again soon! -Better Bed Company

James Grove
Size of Mattress: King Size
Location: Wilmslow
Will be back for more!

The casper mattress uk was our first thought because we had bought from them before. We had a look around on facebook and social channels spoke to friends and they suggested this firm. There pretty good and the mattress is just the best at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands.

Thank you for your feedback on your new mattress and we hope to see you again soon! -Better Bed Company

Product Sizes
Size  Length Width Depth
Small Single 190cm 75cm 20cm
Single 190cm 90cm 20cm
Small Double 190cm 120cm 20cm
Double  190cm 135cm 20cm
King Size  200cm 150cm 20cm
Super King Size 200cm 180cm 20cm
Product Spec

Brand - Better Bed Company 

Model - Memory Ortho Mattress

Material - Memory Foam 

Spring System -  Open Coil 

Tension - Medium

Questions and Answers

Is this memory foam mattress any good?

This memory foam mattress is good quality for the price. The orthopaedic open coil spring system and memory foam work well together for a quality sleeping surface. The depth is good being 20cm shows a certain quality and that your buying a mattress. Memory foam is going to contour to the sleepers body keeping them in a healthy posture all through the night. The open coil orthopaedic spring system helps this process too, supporting the sleeper at every movement. The fabric upholstery cover is soft and gentle to the touch perfect for a sleeping surface. There's plenty of sizes available this gives the buyer options. All in all this memory foam mattress is good quality.  

Are tufted mattress any good?

When a mattress is tufted this is a sign of quality. Tufts on a mattress are to hold the fillings in place and also provide a more supportive surface for the sleeper. This mattress has a large amount of tufts this will help the mattress stay better for a longer time than your average. Hand tufts will also help the sleeper use the full width of the mattress as there close to the sides providing a better structure to the mattress over all. This is done at the manufacturing stage of the mattress by craftsman. The tufts have a plastic stopper and then are covered by the material tufts for a better quality finish.

Is this memory foam mattress suitable for bed frames?

Yes this mattress is suitable for all types of bed bases and frames. This memory foam mattress is orthopaedic so we would suggest adding it to a solid bed frame or base as this is the whole idea of the mattress to bring support to the sleeper. If you place on a sprung base the tension will change and soften you probably wouldn't want this but this is personal preference. Check the bed base on a regular basis as if there's a fault with the bed base this may effect your guarantee on the mattress. Also rotate the mattress on regular basis this will add life span and freshen the materials up for a better sleeping surface.