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When your looking for a company online you should be thinking of a brand you can trust with expertise in the field. With Julian Bowen your going to be dealing with a specialist in the field of mattresses giving the end user a choice of sizes is something the Nottinghamshire company add to there portfolio. In 2019 they understand that customers online are looking for choices and a non standard size mattress could be just the answer to their issue. Standing out amongst the crowed is something your going to get from Julian Bowen being at the forefront of the industry for 30 years doesn't come easy. 

With a mattress you want structure and support a hard wearing item that will last over the years. It's the same as any other piece of furniture you want it to look at certain way even though it's going to be covered the look and feel your wanting is the same. Julian Bowen understand the customers wants adding fillings and fabric cover's that jump right out of the online laptop screen providing you with a must buy. The support comes from the 13.5 gauge bonnell spring unit it's going to give a medium tension supporting you in the correct way for a healthy sleep. The structure of their other small single mattress is orthopedic giving the end user a healthy sleeping surface. 

Better Bed Company look at both Mattresses 

Julian Bowen Premier Mattress

Julian Bowen Premier Mattress-Better Bed Company

The open coil / bonnell spring system is the first thing you should look at as this style of unit is added for your support. You want your body to align in the correct position during sleep. This will add health benefits keeping your spine straight is a must during rest relieving pressure points on the body makes for a more comfortable rest. 

The next thing you should look at are the fillings. With the premier mattress your getting Polyester it's a good material to wick away body moisture. Another advantages is it's hard wearing so it's going to last over the years giving you a better mattress for a longer amount of time. Polyester is good for your money so the inexpensive is passed on to the consumer getting a cheap deal is something the premier mattress bring to the table. 

The high quilted Belgium damask cover giving the end user a luxurious finish and feel. This style of fabric originates from Belgium meaning high quality stitching. The material is both woven and knitted giving a luxury surface for the user to sleep on. 

Julian Bowen Deluxe Semi Orthopaedic Mattress

Julian Bowen Semi Orthopedic Mattress-Better Bed Company

The spring system inside this particular model is geared towards people with back issues with a semi orthopedic spring system. This style brings benefits adding that sleeping surface that will provide support to the muscles and skeletal body giving your back and joints supportive feel. With a rod edge support around the edges of the system helping the sleeper use the full width of the mattress it also helps with corrosion at the sides. 

The 600gsm of polyester filling is a large amount adding a comfortable feel while being hard wearing giving this feeling for a large duration of time. The luxury cover has air vents situated around the sides giving good ventilation to the fillings this will help with air flow around the mattress targeting moisture control is the advantage. 

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Julian Bowen Logo-Better Bed Company Main Blog

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