What is the healthiest sleeping position ?

What is the healthiest sleeping position ?-Better Bed Company

Everyone has there preference but what is What is the healthiest sleeping position ? We've come up with some scenarios and tips to help you get your best sleep to give you more gains during the day's activities. All you need to do is sit back and relax and take in the information. 

If you find your self sleeping on the side maybe add a pillow in between your legs this will help with blood circulation. Sleeping on your side cause aches and pains leaving you sore and isn't the best for your breathing. 

Sleeping on your back could cause lower back problems and effect existing issues. Your neck and and spine are going to thank you for this position though it's a neutral posture. Add some pillows this is going to help with heart burn. 

When you sleep with your arms down the side like a log it's going to help with your snoring. If you have arthritis this could be badly effected by this position. 

Sleeping on your side could effect your heart sleeping on your right side could be best for this. People with heart issues can be effected during sleep there heart beat interferes which can cause issues. 

We have some Mattresses that could help you gain the healthies position during your sleep. 

King Size Mattresses 

If you want some space while your sleeping then a king size mattress could definitely work wonders. Whether it be memory foam or latex your going to want pocket springs for the support they bring. Add a grey fabric ottoman bed to create modern themes throw on a comfy duvet and your all snug for the night. 

King Size Mattress-Better Bed Company

Super King Size Memory Foam Mattresses 

Go all out, go big, go large with a super king size memory foam mattress your going be nodding off in no time. It's about positioning your body into the right shape and relieving pressure points. Add a 2 + 4 chest of draws and some oak chest's of draws for flowers to bring fragrances. 

Super King Size Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

Orthopaedic Mattresses

We would certainly recommend at least trying Orthopaedic Mattresses if your after the healthiest sleeping position. It's all about the spring system inside  dedicated to providing the sleeper with the best posture possible. Add this to a cream ottoman bed or go for a sprung wooden bed frame depending on what mood and trend you want to set. 

Orthopedic Mattress-Better Bed Company

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What is the healthiest sleeping position ?-Better Bed Company

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