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  • Julian Bowen Camille Bed
  • Julian Bowen Camille Bed
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Julian Bowen Camille Bed

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Julian Bowen Camille Bed

The stylish oak and fabric bed frame giving an elegant look to any bedroom. This traditional styled bed frame is designed with uniquely with attention to detail given in the process. 

Your gaining a beige fabric well padded headboard adding life style benefits as well as an eye catching bed frame. Elevated from the floor with delicate feet showing the detailed pattern and the attention that's been given in the manufacturing stage. 

The solid slats are there giving a foundation that's going to be firm for your mattress. It's ideal as it's going to give a supportive base as well as help with moister control to the fillings inside the mattress.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Pamela Kaufman
Location: Port Sunlight
Size: Super King Size
Thank you Better Bed Company

So impressed with the Julian Bowen Camille Bed it's so much luxury for the bedroom. The wood and fabric combo is to die for I'm over the moon with this bed. I wanted a beige bed and saw this in the better beds store in Cheshire there loads in there but this caught my eye. The legs are delightful they also keep the whole bed really strong. The fabric upholstery on this bed feels so nice when i have my pillow up watching TV or reading my fav book before bed time. The detail in the footend looks just delightful and matches my bedroom furniture also by Julian Bowen. I got a pocket spring mattress with this one as well my sleeping surface is a dream now the slatted base and mattress keep me and the hubby supported. I went for the super king size having made a big extension on the bedroom we have loads of room in there now. As for the delivery it was very fast the boys even took it to the bedroom for me. I ended up giving them directions to there next job i knew a short cut and with them being stuck in traffic all day they were so pleased. All i had to do is assembe the camille this wasn't that hard just took about an hour most of the work is taking the bed out of the cardboard boxes. I had to call better beds for a few pointers on the build of the bed and they talked me through everything such a lovely firm to deal with.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! Thanks, Better Bed Company

Kelly Knight
Location: Holmes Chapel
Size: 5ft
Fantastic bed- Buy this!

The Julian Bowen Camille Bed is everything we ever wanted from a bed. The wooden finish is so charming you can see all the textures and grains. The fabric headboard is beautiful as well it's a really unique bed this one I couldn't see anything online that was quite like this one.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! Thanks, Better Bed Company

Krista Jones
Location: Borden
Size: 5ft
Looks gorgeous!

We have a country home and just had to find the right bed for the room. The bedroom it's self has massive double doors that open out on to a balcony where you can see the country side. This bed goes right in the middle of the bedroom it's just beautiful. I spend my saturday mornings in bed as i have taken time off from work at the moment due to having a baby we just sit in there during the weekend now.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! Thanks, Better Bed Company

Kenneth Anderson
Location: Hooksway
Size: King Size
Great delivery service

Delighful bed this one better beds were good with me as well gave me a good deal on this bed also got free delivery which was fab.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! Thanks, Better Bed Company

Abigail Terry
Location: Roffey
Size: 6ft
Telling all my friends

Can't fault this Julian Bowen Camille bed it's so nice. The wooden grain and detail make this bed it's so charming in the bedroom. We also got a memory foam mattress with this and they both work well together I just love getting in to bed now.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope to see you again soon! Thanks, Better Bed Company

Product Sizes
4ft 6 Double 5ft King Size 6ft Super King Size
Length 205cm 212.5cm 217cm
Width 145cm 161cm 191cm
Height 128.5cm 128.5cm 128cm
Product Spec

Brand - Julian Bowen

Model - Camille Bed

Guarantee - 1 year

Material - Limed Oak 

What's included - Bed Frame 

Questions and Answers

What type of wood is this bed made from?

The Julian Bowen Camille Bed is made from lime oak which is strong and resilient. With lime wood the effect is done to make the wood look weathered this creates the style. This style of wood was first brought out to effect the durability and strength of the wood. Lime wood still keeps it's grain which brings textures and tones to the bedroom this keeps the bed neutral. The beige fabric upholstery also works besides the lime wood making this bed effective and effortlessly matched.  

What's the best mattress for this bed?

Julian Bowen do some capsule mattresses that would be the perfect partner for the Camille. You would want to buy a quality mattress for this bed as it's a main bed most of the time and used on a daily basis. You could maybe look at pocket spring mattresses and choose between memory foam or natural fillings these are in the Julian bowen capsule range. The Camille has a slatted base which will help the mattress breath and also provides more chance of temperature and moister control. The slats on this bed are solid so there going to provide your mattress with a supportive foundation. Always make sure to check the size of the mattress before ordering get your tape measures out. A double is 135cm x 190cm, a king size is 150cm x 200cm and super king size is 180cm x 200cm. 

Are the legs on the Julian Bowen Camille Bed strong?

Yes the legs are going to provide a sturdy and strong platform for the bed. With the lime oak material this beds fantastic in terms of reliability. The longer growth time of oak makes this wood more dense than average woods on the market. Oak is strong for sure and with the lime effect it's even stronger. You won't find many stronger beds on the market - my word is stronger than oak is a common saying.